Newly Transferred 25-man HDS Alliance Guild

Hello Proudmoore! We've just transferred here in part because it was the original server of many of our members who joined us previously on Durotan. We're happy to help grow the 25-man raiding population on Proudmoore.

About Dark Endeavor:

We are an Alliance guild full of long time raiders, many of whom have been raiding since Vanilla. Our core group of officers and many raiders have been raiding content together since the BT/Sunwell days of Burning Crusade. Our main focus is 25 Player Hardmode Content which we push to the very end of every patch.

We have a strict 18+ age requirement, and are looking for people who know how to have fun but also focus when it's needed during raids.

Our raid schedule is:

Tuesday 9pm - 1am PST ( 12am until 4am EST )
Wednesday 9pm - 1am PST ( 12am until 4am EST )
Thursday 9pm - 1am PST ( 12am until 4am EST )

Current Needs
• Full on Hunters and Warriors at this moment, open for all other classes!
Bonus points if you have an offspec you feel comfortable raiding in along with your main spec.

Heroic Dragon Soul: 8/8 10-man, 8/8 25-man

Loot system
We use an open bid dkp system that earns you points for time spent in raids, even on the bench! We bid mainspecs before offspecs.

Contact Information
If you're interested, please contact Tueurr, Feathrixx, Dalya, Kaiden, Berianther, or Heerox on Proudmoore and apply at
Welcome and good luck.
Thanks! :)
Thank you.
What are the plans for your current DKP? Will it be reset to 0?
We are still organizing the guild here, and dkp is something we are currently discussing, we will cover that later in more detail.
Nice to see it's being discussed. It's hard to recruit newcomers when guilds transfer here with 900+ DKPs and recruits start with 0.

I'm also glad that guilds are still using DKPs because I like to have a log (with dates) of all the items I acquired. I don't like the WoW Armory log not going back in time past x amount of days.
We're still looking for more. :)
Welcome to Proudmoore and good luck with your recruiting!

One thing you may know is, due to end of expansion, the population here, even though high, is 60% of what it normally is on the release of an expansion. There's at least 10-15k players who are currently unsubbed and will be resubbing once MoP hits.

So the pool of potential recruits will widen in 6-8 weeks, when MoP release date is certain. <3
Thanks for the welcome. <3
Bumpin' it up
Recruitment is Open for all Classes!
8/8 Heroic DS10 as a guild now!
ooo hello.
Nemoes <3! Gratz on Madness, Dark Endeavor.
Welcome :)
Welcome to the server.
Bump for starting 25 man raiding again Tuesday app now if you want in our first 25 kill. :)
To the top!
25 man H spine down

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