Newly Transferred 25-man HDS Alliance Guild

To the top looking for more still for MoP!
Interested... also have two friends 1 healer (priest or sham) and 1 moonkin all geared that I would bring with me.

What spots do you have open? I miss 25m raids
H madness down on 25m!
@Arkennstone We have spots for everything but hunters and warriors right now. A healing priest, moonkin and mage would all be great fits going into MoP! Talk to Heerom, Burgitte, Zoddiak, or Tueurr in game and check us out/apply at
Congrats Dark Endeavor and welcome to the server.
Yay for Dark Endeavor!
Thank Kaiden... one more thing... we actually have 4 total including a DK tank. Are tanks filled? We all want to stay together...1 tank, 1 heal, 2 dps. Final answer.
These guys are great :P
Glad to see yer doing well!
bump! :D
Recruiting exceptional players for MoP! Pretty full up on healers at the moment.
I can commit my Spriest (Disc OS) or Mage to Tues and Thursday, but I have class after work on Wednesday nights. How lenient are you about not being present all three days?

I'm more of a casual player, and I raided at my leisure at the time I left (alt runs and pugs), but I am looking for a home on Proudmoore. I'm ok with committing to a couple of days. I just returned to the game a few days ago, after a 2 yr absence, so I'm playing catch up.

Edit: By the way, I plan to transfer factions when I transfer to servers. I'm looking forward to playing my characters with different races. =)
I'd apply we have others that are more part time/casual raiders and it's never been an issue.
Great! Will do.
Bump! :)
:D wtb new apps!
Bumping for MoP recruitment :)
Keeping us at the top. :)
Back to the top with you. :)
To the top now! :D

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