Best drag racing game for the Xbox 360!

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Hey guys, I decided to hook up the 360 once again, so I did and bought need for speed shift 2 unleashed I think it's sick, I have 7 days to return it but have not yet purchased the drag racing addon pack, I wanted to ask here on everybody's opinion on what racing game has the best drag racing for the 360 console, or do I already have it?
Forza 4 all the way!
That game is like too realistic lol, I don't mind the simulation but meh, do I have to pay to play online besides Xbox live like need for speed? And do I have to buy a package to drag race? Like I do on need for speed lol
For forza 4 you do though you're saying?
No you dont need a package, just xbox live. They have different car packages for like new cars released in market that they model for the game. I love the customization!

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