[H]Profession Leveling Kits For Sale!

NOTE: From 7/12/12 to 7/20/12 I will be on vacation. I will still be receiving orders and posting them in this thread and mark the date I will start farming.

Get your professions up before MoP hits!

A profession kit? What is that?
A profession kit is a package i have created myself which contains every mat you will need in order to level said profession from level 1 - 525 (some kits may not go as far as 525 by default because there is a steep cost increase after the initial levels, like 495 for jewelcrafting, off course for an extra fee i can include those very expensive materials). By following the guide, you should have no issue getting from 1-525 with the provided materials. If you do however get stuck I will farm the required materials for no charge.*

The guide that will go with these kits are the guides from www.wow-professions.com. I do not support any other method of leveling professions. I will help you if for some reason, happens once in a blue moon, you don't get the skill up.

* if you do not use the guide on purpose and are wasting materials, the guarantee will become void. Human error can occur and I'll be generous with replacing materials, but you must follow the instructions on wow-professions.

Currently the kits I support are:

Blacksmithing (1-400) 10,300 gold
Blacksmithing (1-525) 18,000 gold

Engineering (1-525) 11,000 gold

Jewelcrafting (1-495) 10,000 gold
Jewelcrafting (1-525) 18,000 gold

Tailoring (1-525) 18,000 gold

First Aid (lol) (1-525) 7,000 gold

Coming Soon:

Alchemy (1-525) around 7.5k gold
Inscription (1-525) around 15k gold

If you buy 1 or more each subsequent kit is 10% off. Ex: buy a Jewelcrafting then you get 10% off on any kit after that.

Item Delivery

Option 1: Trade. You give me the money up front and then I trade you the items. Takes awhile and it's not as simple as Option 2, but you still get everything promised.

Option 2: You join my profession kit guild. Trade me the money. I unlock the page for you. You go to the page that has the name of the kit you want to level and voila! You get your items. Simple, easy and efficient. If you are using an alt to get the items and it's lvl 1 I'll provide 16 slot bags.

Order Placement
I will post another post and show the current orders I have and the orders that are on standby. I will fulfill the orders in about 1-4 days (just depends on the kit). Just like UPS I will update the progress on the orders in that second post in percent complete. I will try my best to start the order the moment I receive it. If you would like, you can pay a premium (3k gold) to jump to the top of the list. If someone pays to go to the top and you paid to go to the top then I will get to whoever paid me the 3k FIRST. Post in here or contact me in game through a whisper. You will know I'm working on your order because I will post it on post #2.

This is not a charity, some of these mats take awhile to farm. Before you start complaining that prices are too high remember that it takes time for me to get these mats and time is money, friend. You're paying me to farm the mats so you can level. Period.

Remember I am human. I will update the status of the orders on here, but if for some reason I cannot fulfill the order in the time I stated then I will contact you in game. You will receive a discount on the goods if I do not meet my time constraint of 1-4 days. This discount will be 20% per day. I am not intending on being late, but if It happens then I want you to be rewarded in a sense. If there is a huge demand, I don't think there will be, then please be lenient on the time. I'm a one man operation here.
Reserved for orders.
Not trying to derail but your prices are pretty steep. I purchased 2 eng and 1 jc kit from Kurtrussel at the beginning of the xpac for 9k~a piece...
I ran the math on a couple of them. Maybe I should do it for all. Thanks for the heads up.

Keep in mind though that @ the beginning of the xpac gold wasn't as inflated as it currently is. 9k was a lot back then. Now it's a fair amount, but it had a lot more buying power back in the beginning of the expansion
Do you have JC from 1-425? as well as engineering, would like to get some proffesions for my twink warrior, thanks. (Names Mythik)

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