Health/Mana Bar Addon??

I hate having to look all the way up in the top left-hand corner to view my health, and often times I forget to look and die in there an add-on that will allow me to place a health bar below or above my character so its always visible to me?

Currently I am using Tidy Plates and Tidy Plates: Threat - but I haven't seen an option to show a health bar above me...I like Tidy Plates, so do not want to replace it with anything else.
You could try enabling friendly name plates, although I don't know if that shows your own.

One thing you could do is move your unit frame from the top left to somewhere more visible. If you're using the default frames, right-click it and unlock it to allow you to move it.
I couldn't find a way for tidy plates to show it...and I can move my nameplate down but it is kinda bulky...anything else you recommend? Can you use like Shadowed Unit Frames without replaced Tidy Plates?
Okay so I like ICE HUD, I like how it shows my health and mana bars around my guy, but it does replace Tidy everything is themed by ICE there a way to change this...or should I use Shadowed (since that doesn't affect Tidy Plates I guess?)
I use XPerl unit frames, but I don't move the frames much so I'm used to its position. However, I also use VuhDo, which I have in the lower right, and that's what I usually look at for my and my group's health and mana. It requires a decent amount of customization, but you can see what mine looks like here:
That is cool...I am just not sure what to do...seems like I get so many different opinions..I already use with VuhDo I would be way over crowded...
If you use Grid you don't need VuhDo. I prefer VuhDo, but they do the same thing. still have a problem...Health and Mana bar around my guy...I like ICE HUD but it replaces Tidy Plates, which I do not want....idk if Shadowed Unit Frames would...

actually...ICE doesn't replace tidy appears to still work I believe
IceHud is definitely the best one I've found. It's also very configurable and has a HoPo monitor that can be used. Here's my current setup on the H-pal =)
Yea it works real well I like the mana and health bar that surrounds the character...and tidy plates still works perfectly

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