Lvl 80 twink guild recruiting!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Instant Transmission> is a brand new (formed today) level 80 twink guild on Barthilas. We are looking for more players to start gearing up for all WotLK raids.
In the near future, we hope to be raiding 10mans and maybe even 25mans.
There are no experience requirements but it would sure help !

Come join us so we can start enjoying the WotLK experience once more !
Hello, Ive been looking for a level 80 twink guild. I just have a few priorities that i would like to know before hand.

1. Will it be 100% level 80 charactor's in guild
2. Will cata gems/chants/greens/reforging be outlawed from the group, since they were not available during expansion.
3. what time frame are your raids going to be at ? and how is recruitment handled.
1: level 80 twinking will be a main focus of the guild; however there will be alts (or some peoples' mains) in the guild as well. I'm also thinking of bringing my 19 twink over to the guild one day and maybe trying to organize some BGs with others
2: I want to get as much of the WotLK experience as possible; Cata greens/blues are a no-no for raids (except if your gearing up in heroics, that's an exception to reach the ilvl cap for places like ToC5man and Halls of Reflection), as for gems and enchants, i don't think there are many we'll be able to use since the highest ilvl of our gear will be around 264 while the requirements of most top-notch gems/chants are ilvl 285, so i don't think that will be a problem. We are willing to allow for reforging because it became part of the game towards the end of the WotLK expansion
3: now onto raiding - we have no definite raid times or dates yet as we still don't have enough players to fill raids spots. that will depend on how keen everyone is to raid once we are all geared up and ready to go. I'm hoping for at least 2 nights per week at minimum at around 7pm server time if possible.
our recruitment system is very simple, because we are a fresh, new guild we are willing to invite people who are levelling to become twinks no matter how long it takes (most of our members are still levelling)

I hope you find this information much helpful :)
yes that is helpful :) and im still looking for a home for the rouge, although im thinkinking of trasphering it to my mains realm
How is recruitment going for this? I could be interested.

I completed BT in TBC and then stopped, so I haven't seen any level 80 WOTLK content.
To be honest its a bit slow, which is to be expected...not very many people are up for this haha
We currently have a few 80s and lots of people still leveling to 80 (mostly melee dps). We still need 2 or 3 healers and a couple of range dps - the hardest to get.
Would you considering going for Herald of the Titans title? all gear must be ilvl 226 or below (exception for 232 weapons from Ulduar).

Could be worth while leveling an 80 just for that purpose, seeing Gig charges 80K for the title, because titles will be transferable between you toons in MoP.
I'm LF herald :/

Also, how many 80's do you guys have?
Do you accept reforging to mastery, cata flasks, cata food etc? :S Cata maxed professions? :s
i would like to try cross realm raiding if we could add me to real id just wanting to know before i would xfer
Add me rl id. - - im really keen to raid, but dont wanna waste money xfering, if you have no experience at raiding. (Don't take this as an offense.). (This is not my twink haha)
can you add me too and let me know more about your 80 twink guild im interested i have my war still i never lvled shes almost full bis ICC, but i wanna go back into wotlk content. My b-tag is chadferckel#1126 or if you could message me and let me know more would be great im very interested in joining if guilds well.
you can add me or Bubblebuddy#1820, I have a full 409 set and im currently wearing my ICC set (2 pieces of BiS) Would love to raid cross realm with you guys
Do u guys still raid
Do u guys still raid

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