[H] <Daybreak> WTS *8/8 HDS25 + MOUNT + LOOT*

Bump.. daykbreak ftw! cheapest ive seen .. wish i had that much gold haha
how much for a rag mount?
Sent in game inquiry
Great run, quick and efficient!

Thank's everyone.
I realise it's probably quite unlikely, but what are the chances of buying a much more modest run of only a couple of tier pieces on reg? As much as I would absolutely adore Lifebinder's Handmaiden and a shot at the heroic equivalent gear, I unfortunately don't have that much gold.

However, I do have the regular tier started and would like at least a couple of more pieces and unfortunately, as much as I love my guild it's difficult to get even 9 more raiders together this late in the expansion (not to mention my shockingly bad luck with RNG) and I'm really scared I won't complete the set, or even get at the least my robes and possibly belt before Mists comes and the interest in DS drops even further.

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