[H]<No Big Deal> is back!

No Big Deal is back and recruiting to finish what we started here on Lightbringer.

About Us:
When we stopped we were 5/8H, with most of our players going on to greener pastures we chose to stop raiding. But now with MoP approaching we are looking to finish DS, then start strong in the upcoming expansion. With the change of leadership we have a core group coming back to Lightbringer(most have 8/8H experience) and we are looking for a couple players to round out our raid team. We like to have a good time, crack jokes, and make fun of each other.

Recruiting for Raiding:
We are looking for some ranged dps to fill out our last couple spots. Although all classes are always welcome to apply, but I recommend being better than people here if those spots are filled. If that's the case we'll never decline you.

Raid Times/Days are not yet established but will most likely be two nights out of the following : Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.

How to Contact: Either send me mail or talk to me in-game, if I'm not on ask someone in the guild to page me on vent.
399 combat rogue 4/8H killed lf a new guild to run with to progress further
these guys are actually kinda a big deal, just sayin'
07/16/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Dxe
these guys are actually kinda a big deal, just sayin'

Thanks baby, why are you so good to me?
Make that 6/8H, one shot warmaster tonight.

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