[A] Utopian Premades

Greetings everyone! I'd like to invite anyone who wants to join our premades. Our #1 Objective is to have fun, whether that means farming GY's, Not winning, Going to an extent to pwn somone's face, No matter the situation, we just like to have fun.

Just a few BG's stats that I've collected since I started this a week ago From today, 7/12/2012.

Win/loose ratio: 39/18
HK: 2346 since the 6th, today is the 12th
Average Honor: 9312
Average Conquest: 2000

We play WSG the most.

How do we do this?
We use the addon PREFORM AV ENABLER, you can download this safely from: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/preform-av-enabler

What battlegrounds do we do?
The majority of BG's that we do is Warsong Gulch, Battle for Gilneas, and Strand of the Ancients.

How do I join?
You can reply to this post with your Characters name on our realm Proudmoore, or your Real -ID

Why are we doing this?
Because it's !@#$ing fun

We are currently in need of an awesome Flag carrier, and a few more healers in the roster, and of course any DPS is welcome!
REQUIREMENTS:- 3000 resilience minimum.
- A good attitude
- A decent connection
- Alliance only

We use our guild's vent for whoever is wanting to join, everyone is welcome.

If you have anymore questions just ask anyone in Utopian about Estabel's bg's
Hope you all enjoy!
What time do you guys do BGs? I like to join you but can only run some BGs a couple hours a night from Mon-Thurs.
We don't have set times, just whenever i'm on and feel like setting something up
Recently it's been almost everyday starting from around 11:00am till midnight
Please add me to your friend's list. I have already downloaded PREFORM AV ENABLER.

Sounds like fun, hit me up anytime you need a healer! 4901 resil & I have the addon already :)

- Alliance only

PFFT.... your loss
I like to start either late tonight or tomorrow morning if there's room for me. RealID : bennguyen76@yahoo.com
:P we could get them started on horde, i just don't have a horde toon
Added, going to set a few up today
Hit me up, I'm always keen for some bgs :)
Recruiting and expanding the roster to horde for MoP! Mail me ingame!
won 11/13 games last night everyone! Was a ton of fun thanks for showing up.
I'm still adding to the list people! just had a night with a max of 13 people queueing for AB, was a ton of fun thanks for showing up.
Also, i've been asked twice, No you do not need to be in Utopians Guild, we do have a spot for you if you are interested though. We raid, dungeon, pvp, and soon will be doing RBG's.
Estabel watches me undress before bedtime
My weapons are a tad derp at the moment but I'm giving Fury a go to see how well it flows.

You're more than welcome to hit me up sometime if you see me online and ask! (Unless it's Tueday/Weds. Screw Tuesday.)

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