Someone should...

Someone should do RaF and let me recruit them. Just sayin :)
I told you, you shouldn't have taken that rocket. :)
LOL dont wanna do it because of that. Just wanna level a few more classes i dont have on this server :p
BUMP Still looking for someone to recruit. Forgot to mention ... I will pay for your professions to get maxed and also pay for skills as we level up.
I am a new player who would appreciate some help learning the ropes. Still looking for someone?
Yes whisper me in game
BUMP Still looking! I recruit you, you make the new account and because youre the one making a new account, i will pay for all in game expenses. AKA Maxing your professions out and skills as we level up. Post here or whisper in game, if im not on send me ingame mail.
Will you buy me all the boe epic mounts that cost over 100k on the AH?



How about ... hmmm ... I have this friend, who has a friend who has a cousin named Peter who knows this guy with a girlfriend who is pregnant. The guy is not pregnant it's the girl ... But anyway, this girl has two parents one of whom is related to this well off dude in !@#$%ia who has a job!

I know right?

Should I get the ball rolling to see if the ^-*!@ia dude is available? It's gonna take some time, he doesn't have a phone and is 100% illiterate but understands smoke signals and dollar signs quite well.

Oh, btw. this #$%^-ia dude has a lawyer in England who does most of the "legal transactions" for his *!@#$ian contact. Please forward your drivers license number, social security id number and a copy of your birth certificate .. ok? I know he's gonna ask for all that to get going.

Cheers! Happy to help! :)

(btw. disclaimer for those who believe everything they read .. this is a joke, I really do wish Yoduh good luck, I'm just having a little prankster fun, don't post any id information here ok?)
Dareniun you sir are my new best friend! <3

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