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Bleeding Hollow
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Having a great time on horde I hope, Muffnz?
OP Updated for casual PvE and RBG recruitment have leadership for both. :)
Lots of fun with the cross server WPVP going on...IWC now has friends it seems. FLAG representing that big Dark Portal battle last night!

For the record Garolik got that hat after he had his yearly grooming. It was discovered hiding in the beard.

FLAG alive and well.
09/20/2012 02:36 AMPosted by Oneangrybear
It was discovered hiding in the beard.

Wonder what other goodies are hiding in there
It's enough to make a dwarf have a drink...then again anything gives a reason for that. Garolik's beard is equal to the Bermuda Triangle.

Quite.. feel free to come clean me beard, it feels grrrrrreat!
Bump for Casual raiding and RBGs in MoP along with wpvp as always <3
Bump because why not
Bump for a tank, a heals, and some dps.
Bump for da TBP pvp and MoP around the corner. Need people for RBGs and Raiding(10m) :)
Bump for it posting that on an old toon for some reason >.>
You spelt fite wrong, Kag.
My B
We are level 24 now and we have started an across guild WPvP chat(free to socialize in) just type /join Bacon to enter and just because I giggle when I see this still http://i.imgur.com/wAceF.png
Downgrading to three, but hopefully I'll be able to play with some of you guys soon in MoP.

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