(H) <Baddies> aggressive progression recruits

Recently appointed as head of <Baddies> raiding and progression I am posting on forums looking for qualified and enthusiastic players. I need skill and commitment over everything else. There will be a trial period and test raiding so prior content is not required. I do expect my raiders to do their own research on top of my explanations and strategies, "I didn't know." is never an appropriate response in my raids.

Our initial sites are on 10 man raiding until further recruiting is done by all our officers. I need anyone interested right now and will edit threads as my needs are narrowed down. Raid times and nights are TBD, however you can expect a minimum of three nights a week for at least three hours right now. Depending on how willing and available the raiders I get are will determine how hard we push.

If you are not interested in aggressive progression we do have other raid groups that may suit your playstyle. You may post on this thread or register and contact me on www.baddies.org. I will also be spending a considerable amount of time on my alt (Causmos) or (Redheretic) on raid nights [Wed: 7-10 & Thurs: 7-10]

You do not have to include any information on your thread posts other than that you are interested. I will gain insight into your experience, abilities, and availability when I contact you live. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to hearing from all of you.
hmm what was that word that sends a forum post to the top or w/e again? i forget....
I dont know if you're still recruiting but Im interested. Feel free to contact me in game.

real ID info: dcollin@udallas.edu
Does your guild have a website on which I can submit an application? Or is this process done entirely though ventrilo/mumble?

What classes and specs are you recruiting more heavily for?

I'd be happy to talk to you guys, just let me know when and where to drop my information and/or send nudes...
Gr#%*!##%, check out baddies.org

I'm no officer but I'm almost positive that recruitment is open for all. If you have any questions feel free to talk to me in game or talk to Daemios / Landwar.

I'm the GM of Baddies. Unfortunately, Evan (Redheretic) had to step down due to work, and is taking a more casual role in the guild. However, we're still recruiting heavily, especially reliable and skilled healers and ranged dps.

If you're still interested, you can definitely toss up an application at Baddies.org. Alternatively, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through RealID at hatduck@gmail.com.
I already have a toon in your Guild..IE Chutaak (Balanced/Resto Druid). However, my interests are joining your MoP raiding group with my Hunter and/or Holy Pally. Audem recently left Legends Told where both my Hunter and Pally are now members, and had contacted me wanting to know if I'd be interested in going with. RealID is Clmbr22@Yahoo.com. I currently have 5 level 85 toons on Stormreaver with one more due to transfer soon.

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