<IA> 10M H recruiting solid players for MoP.

Infractus Animus is a level 25 10M raiding guild on the US-Turalyon server. The raiders of IA come from a myriad of different experiences and raiding backgrounds. Together we have formed a solid core of players who are always looking for ways to not only better ourselves, but the guild as well.
We aim to provide a fun and focused atmosphere that breeds competition as well as determination to overcome obstacles. We expect all of our raiders to show up to raids on time, focused, and prepared to the fullest extent.
We are currently recruiting to help fill our core roster. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:30-11:30PM server(EST).

Tanks: Open.

Healers: Recruiting.
Disc. Priest
Holy Paladin

MPDS: Recruiting all.

RDPS: Recruiting.

If you are interested in the guild, please whisper/in-game mail; Clayzen ( xyearsx83@hotmail.com ). Or go to: http://ia.geekdsgn.ca/ to apply.
Morning everyone.
Afternoon all!

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