<Exigent> 8/8H LF ranged dps and heals

Shattered Hand
<Exigent> of Shattered Hand
10m Progression Raiding Guild <8/8H t13, 6/7H t12, 10/13H t11>

Recruiting needs as of 07/16/12 include:

***Exigent currently has open recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. Now is a great time to get in with one of the top guilds on the server. We are looking for raiders, casuals, and pvpers alike to expand our roster for MoP. Any interested parties will need to be above 18 years of age, laid back, and drama free.*** We would like to have 2 full functioning competent groups raiding during Mists of Pandaria.

Willing to work with any exceptional dps but those are the preferred classes - Speak with Totonic (realID: Corvinius@live.com)

About <Exigent>:

Exigent is a guild focused on tackling the PvE content presented by the Cataclysm expansion and now prepping for the release of MoP. Our main goal is to build a tight knit core that will sustain itself throughout the expansion and deal with progression as a fun but focused group. As of Dragonsoul our core is solid, however, we are ALWAYS looking for dedicated players who share our ambition to do well and clear the content. We are a "hard-core" minded guild without a "hard core" schedule. Do not expect to raid 5 nights a week, but do expect to spend our raid time focused on progression.

We are NOT looking for players who are inactive, immature, or are simply looking to be carried. Many of our players have been actively involved in this game for several years and we expect the same level of dedication out of our raiders. We are a 10 man raiding guild. We have no intentions of becoming a 25m raiding guild as our raiders prefer a smaller and more intimate raid environment. Many of us feel that in a 25m raiding guild, someone will always be carried and that raiders can either coast or slip through the cracks. We prefer the personal challenge offered by being an exceptional 10m guild.

We are always growing and adding more players to the guild. We currently run two 10m groups. All of our 10m groups are independently run, meaning you should apply for a specific group. Any movement between groups MUST be discussed between the group leads or the player must reapply to the group they would like to join. If you are interested in becoming part of a growing core of players, play the game to enjoy the raid content, and want to achieve the gratification that comes with raiding with a progression guild, then please do not hesitate to inquire for more information. Although we are focused on recruiting certain classes, all outstanding applications will be considered.

Please see our website or contact Racqlan (GM), Totonic (Officer), Talos (Officer) in-game for more information on the application process, or with any questions.

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