Lf priest and paladin for 70-74 twinking

Burning Legion
I am currently looking for somebody to make a level 72 priest, and somebody to make a 72 paladin, with my 74 druid. We would need to start out at 70 to get the arena team set up, but as long as you dont leave the team you can arena up to level 74 in the 70 bracket. the priest and paladin staying at 72 for mass dispell and wings, the druid at 74 for cyclone. I also have like 20 realid contacts for rated Battlegrounds that we do sometimes every day for the 70-74 bracket, so there is plenty to do. arena que times are just as quick if not quicker than at 85.

I will supply engineering and help with gems and enchants for both players. You will need to get the second profession on your own (either blacksmithing or jewelcrafting).

Keep in mind i am only looking for people that are willing to fully commit. Preferably i am looking for people who have already played priest/paladin for quite some time, so they know what to do, but you will need to research any specifics for 70-74 twinking.

Fully committing means;
1) you will log on quite a bit so we can actually arena
2) you will run sunwell every week for the right gear ( i make multiple runs a week)
3) you will pay for and complete a second profession (JC or BS), as well as wrath epic gems and appropriate enchants, as said above i will help when possible for gems and enchants.
4) making sure you know wtf you are doing! so we can @%** some arenas.

If you have any questions or are interested then please dont hesitate to whisper me in game. If you are not interested in making a priest or paladin, or you dont feel like you could adequately play one competitively, you are welcome to make any other class of 70 twink and i will invite you to randoms and rated battlegrounds assuming you actually twink the character out, i wont be inviting people who hit 70, get full brutal and call themselves a twink.
add me realid, kwarr3n@gmail.com. I don't have one on the server atm, but I'd do ret or disc. I can easily level it, I'd even do RaF w/ the other person to get it done before MoP quick. Add me and we can talk.
praystation send me a realid inv bkjessler@gmail.com. i added your warlock but havn't caught you online yet.

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