The old blood boil animation.

Death Knight
Yes, I'm bringing this old one back up again.
Remember the old blood boil animation from the start of Cataclysm, before we got landed with the pitiful paladin animation we have to deal with today? That beautiful example of particle manipulation was wrenched unfairly from our class, and with the announcement today of the return of Blood Boil to the blood death knight rotation, I shall ask once more for our beautiful animation to make a return.
I understand that such flashy effects can cause undue strain to an older system (not unlike my own), however, I am sure that such a problem can be overcome by tying the animation to one of the options already present in-game, I.E. use the Hammer of the Righteous animation when Particle Density is set to low or fair, and the old animation when it is set to anything higher than that, for example.
Graphics on low / fair, current animation.
Graphics on good/ulra, old animation.

Brilliant idea op. I agree.
I fricking loved doing that in wrath. Felt like a finishing move.
That animation was the only reason I used blood boil... It was amazing.
I've forgotten how it looked it's been so long.

I wish there was an addon that when you used any Blood Rune consuming moves that landed a killing blow, blood splattered onto your screen (you could see through it obviously)

That one right? I loved that one...
Yes, that's the one. Such a beauteous thing shouldn't be forced to remain a memory.
they need to make it so high/ultra uses this 1

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