Oh how the tables have turned...

Long story short, I'm sick of waiting around for Mankrik to pop for me to finally get my stupid Have We Met achievement. I'm willing to pay upwards of 1k for the privilege of waving at him should he pop for you during your dailies.

"But Disinfection," I can hear you say "Mankrik is a horde only spawn! And you are an Alliance character! However shall I receive my wondrous fee for helping you?!"

That's where the neutral AH comes into effect. Remember those things? I barely did. Well, you throw something inexpensive and crappy up for 1150 (I'm even going to eat the 15% fee here) and I'll buy it. Simple as that.

Send me a message in game or reply here. Only serious inquiries. Will pay after /waving.
Should someone contact you and have Mankrik available, please let me know. I'll even split the cost with you. Dam achievements....
I know, right? And don't worry about splitting it. I know you're made of money, but I just freaking want it. If I get contacted and you're on, I'll send you a tell, or try and get it so as many people as possible can get his /wave.

My fault for quitting WoW before the Molten Front :p
Found him on Saturday morning while doing my dailies, sadly you were not online :(
I found him about a week ago. THANK GOD. I sent you a pm, but you were also offline. But hey, at least we both got it.

Now if only the stupid Devout Harbinger would show up...
I know this is an old post, but if anyone is still looking for this.

I'm still looking for Thassarian for the achievement "Have... Have we met"?

This is in Mount Hyjal for the daily quests for the Guardians of Hyjal (near where you enter the Firelands).

The achievement is located under Quests - Cataclysm - Have... Have We Met?

If anyone has him or wants to trade for Mankirk, I'm doing this daily still.

Battletag Machitos#1409 - Please add a note when adding. Thanks.

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