<Primatum> is recruiting!

Primatum is recruiting all classes and roles at the moment. We are a newly formed guild but have 6/8HM Dragon Soul experienced players in the guild. We will be starting out with regular clears of Dragon Soul for a few weeks then begin pushing into some hard-modes once people are ready and geared to progress.

We will raid Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (or Monday). On weekends we can do drake, achievement and transmogrification runs for whoever would like to join us.

We are also active(ish) in PvP. We will run random battlegrounds and arena, and would like to start a rated battleground group if people are interested.

Our current needs are -
1 Resto Shaman (ours is deploying at the end of this month [sadface])
1 Mage
1 Deathknight (frost preferred)

However, if you feel you would be a good fit with us, feel free to talk to Daun or Haytred in game (any member online would be able to direct to you an officer or GM).

(gear is not an issue, we have many alts to run looking for raid and five mans to help gear up)


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