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Can someone check my spec? What do i need to change spec wise and what do i need to replace next?
and do you think that I'm ready for DS?
Thanks for the help
I haven't done a lot of pally tanking, but by what I see everything looks good. Dodge and parry are close together and your block is fairly high to. With the insanely high nerf (going to be at 30% next maintenance), most of these fights are a joke anymore. Someone who is at 380 ilvl or above should be alright to tank DS as long as the healers are up for it. I would see what other pally tanks have to say first though, because as I said, I don't tank on my pally much, I do holy on him. I tank on my druid more than anything.
Okay, so your gear level is just fine to start DS, but there is one change you probably should make to make it a bit easier.

You're not CTC capped, even with buffs and food added in. Your reforging looks fine, so I would take a look at your gems and try to use the highest level gems. It looks like you have a couple of greens in yellow sockets that could be replaced by fractured lightstones and get up your mastery, which should move you up close to you CTC rating pretty quickly. In fact, just upgrading your gems and switching those greens for yellows should do it from what I can tell.

Other than that your enchants look great.

Good luck.
No Guarded by the Light.:(
07/15/2012 09:17 PMPosted by Cayse
No Guarded by the Light.:(

What he said . . . so move your pursuit of justice into guarded by the light, it'll help you out more
OK i changed my Spec and got a few gems. So how do I look now?
07/16/2012 07:09 AMPosted by Odexx
OK i changed my Spec and got a few gems. So how do I look now?

Just great. Someone could probably nit-pick a few fractions of percentage points here and there, but since you're going to be upgrading as you go, I'd stick with what you've got, which is really good, and just make sure you maintain your CTC cap while you're upgrading without going too far over.

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