dragon soul gold bid

Will be attempting to set up a gold bid for Saturday, June 21st at 7pm (EST) server. We'll have to see how much interest/sign ups there is in this....Great way to gear up your toons for easier leveling in MoP and or make some gold.

If you are interested in going, please post on this forum or send myself or blueerballs an in game mail including your class and role.

Gold bid Rules


• This is not a “carry” run. Everyone is expected to perform at an acceptable level, as judged by the raid leader(s).
• An individual’s gear is not an indication of their expected performance. Skilled players playing mirror alts or roles that they are adept at will be considered for a place on the roster. They are bound to the same requirements as everyone else.
• Anyone determined to be intentionally impeding the run in acts of including but not limited to: not participating in the clearing of trash, the completion of encounters, being unavailable for contact, being unresponsive through in-game contact or through 3rd party programs, or hampering another individuals’ raiding performance (i.e. using Hand of Protection on physical DPS when unnecessary) will be warned and then possibly removed from raid.

Loot & Distribution

• All bidding will be noted manually by the raid leaders and all sales will be recorded on a spreadsheet that will be present to everyone at the conclusion of the raid.

⁃ Initial Bid Starting Points - Increments of 500g on subsequent bids on items

⁃ Initial Bid Starting Points

⁃ 397/403 Normal items 1000
⁃ Pattern 500
⁃ Essencex4 500
⁃ Mount 25,000
⁃ Clusters 5000 - The winner of this bid at the beginning of the night will receive all of the clusters from the run.

• All mounts, patterns, BoEs, and essences are subject to bids at the end of the run. Essences of Destruction will be bid on in groups of 4, with the remainders being bid on as a group. (i.e. 6 drop, bid on in groups of 4 and 2.)
Funds collected from bids during the GDKP will be distributed to the members present after the loot distribution after the final boss of the run has been killed. Attendance during the previous encounters of the run is irrelevant. (Extended DC's will be kicked and replaced, no portion of the pot will be rewarded to AFK or DC'd members).
• All raiders eligible for a cut (see above) will receive 1/25 (4%) of the accrued funds. In the event that a raider is present for the final boss kill but cannot stay for the distribution of gold, their portion may be mailed to them. Raid leader(s) must be notified if an individual requires their funds via the mail.
• In the event that there is more gold accumulated than the raid leader(s) can hold, a proxy will be designated to hold the excess funds, or the funds will be deposited into a guild bank owned by the raid leader(s).

Pot distribution will be taken care of after all of the loot has been distributed.


• Equipment
⁃ A minimum item level of 375 (lower gear levels accepted, but you must have, and be willing to spend more money)
⁃ All items must be properly enhanced.

• Experience
⁃ Cleared atleast 8/8 LFR, normal or heroic Dragon Soul experience is a bonus.

• Wealth
⁃ As long as you're bidding, don't care how much money you have. Please note, flasks and feasts will not be provided, be prepared with your own.

Invites will be sent via in-game Calendar, it is your own responsibility to accept the invite.

Possible roster will also be posted here in this thread as we get sign ups throughout the week.
Too bad the only thing worth buying now is the mount off madness. I really don't think many people would want to spend gold on DS gear which will be worthless whenever MoP is out in a few months.
We actually get a few people interested in buying Full heroic runs, but I dont know how well a normal run would go :x. GL though!
yea i was going to say this but i didnt want to come off as a dbag, i dont see many people paying that gold or any for content thats this old when they can use the LFR to get starter gear.

best of luck to you though.
why did icc gdkp runs exist so frequently and ds ones dont exist? mount sells and 10m carrying 1 person dont count as gdkp
I'm assuming this will be a 25 man run since everything is split to 1/25th...
mainly because there were a lot of bosses in ICC, in DS there is 8 and only 4 pieces per boss. 5 on the last two.

ICC we had 12 bosses? and 5 pieces of loot each so that was upward of 60 bids where as in DS there is only 8 Bosses with 34 pieces of loot. + People are always stingy when it comes to gold this far into the expansion. Back in ICC the GDKP runs were successfully ran as soon as the raid came out.

Another reason is because there was two separate lockouts and a lot of people playing their alts.
Man, I miss doing GDKP ICC on my warrior in Wrath and walking out with 10k a week.
ya those things were like primary income

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