396 H priest LF 25 man guild

Burning Legion
396 Holy Priest LF 25 man guild for DS and MoP (no fake allstars)
I’m currently looking for a 25 man guild for DS and MoP. I’m a strict holy priest 396 ilvl with 3/8H DS. I have been raiding since LAUNCH. Most notable guild history is as follows.

- <Pro> A top US guild for all of Vanilla, Larger amount of <Pro> has made <Ropetown> what it is today. Everything started and ended on US-Burning Legion Horde
- <Prefect> A top 5 guild on Alliance Bloodscalp for all of BC
- <Warrior Nation> Very respected multi server guild on many servers, Top 500 Alliance, Ten man guild on Kael’thas, Alliance
- <Profit> Top 5 twenty five man guild on Kael’thas, Alliance

Things you should know
I don’t use HealBot (I find it lame and a crutch for healing as it creates easy shot cuts, removing all skill from the healer class)
I don’t use Mumble (I find it stupid and it has really bad codex, never seems to work correctly on any of my PCs)
I am free any night of the week, excluding consecutive Fridays and Saturdays nights. I like to party so raiding a Friday and Saturday night in a row is stupid to me. If you do this, honestly you have one, two or all three of the following things.

1, a wife and kids (nothing wrong with that)
2. A fat ugly girl fiend (someone who plays WoW with you or who doesn’t want to be seen in public)
3. No life at all (sure you may be a top 100 guild but guess what, you have no life so its fail all the way)

In short I am;
Willing to faction change, any server type
An experienced raider since launch.
Free weekdays and Sundays.
Experienced 3/8 heroic DS.
Over the age of 18 and hold a full time job lol.
Add me to real id; andycrawford85@gmail.com

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