[H] <Retribution> Recruiting 25m and MoP

<Retribution> has just moved to the Mal'Ganis server from Khaz Modan!! Due to a very low population Horde side on our old server, we decided on making the big move to another server. <Retribution> is an 8/8H, 25m Guild, we are looking to fill out our roster, and launch into MoP on Mal'Ganis!

Forums: http://new.retributionkm.com/

Our website, as well as armory are just in the process of switching our previous info to new info, we are indeed on Mal'Ganis, and ready to go!

High Priority:

Shadow Priest

Medium Priority:

Resto Druid or Holy Paladin
Mage or Boomkin

We raid:

8pm-11pm CST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday.

What are the benefits of joining <Retribution>?

~All guild repairs, consumables, and enchantments are supplied by the bank for raiders
~Organized and experienced Guild Leadership
~Focused and Fun Raiding environment

We are an adult guild with the goal of providing a relaxed atmosphere, for serious progression. We want to have fun while making the most of our 9 hours per week dedicated to raiding. We keep a slim 25-man roster in order to maintain our synergy and to reward those who are committed to performing as part of our team.


~ Late or absent players are expected to post in our forums of their intended absence
~Completely prepared for every raid by researching all possible boss fights before raid on your own time.
~Eager to improve your raid performance and willing to take and learn from criticism.
~Good attitude/conduct in and out of raid.
~Knowledgeable about your class and spec in terms of both statistics and raid performance.
~Fully gemmed and enchanted.
~Open to an R-rated environment. We do joke with one another and do not shun profanity, obscene jokes, and teasing.


We are looking for committed, prepared, and dedicated raiders. We are also looking for organized, and well written applications.

To apply, go to http://new.retributionkm.com/ and create an account, then post in the Applications forum.

Alternately, you can either:

Whisper our recruitment Officer in-game: Esotericx (Alts: Equivica, Saucytart)

A stealthed rogue walks into a bar.
A nearby mage sneezes.
The rogue appears and says "OMG! Nerf level 1 AoE"
Cleared 8/8H on 10 man. Looking for raiders to get our numbers back up to clear it on 25 man.
Thanks Maxx :P
Just waiting on WoW Progress to transfer all of our info!
Still Looking for More!
Bump because I miss y'all. I hope you find some quality applicants.
07/23/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Higeki
Bump because I miss y'all. I hope you find some quality applicants.

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07/24/2012 07:43 PMPosted by Onehand
terminator smells like poop gorehowl#1

That's why we make him stand in the back in raids.
WTB Ranged DPS!
WTB Lock / SP Sandwich

How would that NOT be delicious??
Bumping in the middle of the night.......
Hi, I'm Dizzy! :D
Hey guyz
Join ussssss.
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Gogo Caster DPS
Still looking for Locks and Shadow Priests!

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