Looking for GLORY runs, (Firelands+DS)

If there are enough people interested in finishing up their meta achievements before the end of this xpac, I'd like to organize both Firelands and Dragon Soul runs to finish them up. Currently, I've fufilled the heroic boss kills for both metas, the only things left are 3-4 of the smaller and easier ones that are doable on normal mode, which should be super faceroll by now with a 30% nerf.. post here if you're interested in doing a straight forward achievement run in both raids.
I'm very interested in being part of this. I know every cheev/fight, my only problem has been getting 9 like minded people together ^.^ Add me to your friends list, hit me up online!
I'm saved to DS for this week, but there are 3 normal mode DS achievements I'd like to get if you run again next week.

Post an update here before Tuesday so I don't get myself saved again!
I'm saved for DS this week as well, let's aim for next Tuesday or Wednesday for this achieve run. I want to get at least 8 people posted in here before its set in stone though, I'd rather know ahead of time who is for real about it instead of pugging trade chat
im down for firelands gotta save my ds for guild though

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