Transmog Item.

Good day my fellow home slices of Ravenholdt!

Straight to the point; I am looking for

Bonecaster's Star

From what I'm read, its an old world random drop, off of mobs around 55-60.

I'm sounding the hunt now, 2000g for anyone who finds it. Alliance can send it to me CoD or we can arrange a time to trade.
If you're Horde (Stares at Bobcat) and you come by it, let me know, I'd be willing to work something out.

Thank you folks so much!
I may have one. Will have to ck when I get back on.
My good Cow, if that is so, I may have to found a Church to worship you.
Ok, I have checked my 5 guild banks and found this;

Mistscape Stave

Its close, but not exactly the same item. The other down side is that its on Dark Spear...

Checking with a friend to see if he can move it for me.
Made the Transfer to my friend who is in the waiting process for his trip to Ravenholdt.
Still lookin'.
Bob, do you have a Hyperion Chest?

Level 59ish plate chest
I have been off line for a week due to hardware problems....will check on both item.

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