Streaming H DS/FL - Progression - Tank PoV

Will be Streaming Progression's full clear of Heroic Dragon Soul and Heroic Firelands, with buyers for both. Raid will be starting at 7:40 server time and last until around 11 server time. I will be streaming our runs every Thursday as well as our premade BGs during the week we do just for fun.
Will try and check it out!
Raid again Thursday at same time!
Doing Dragon Soul tonight, tomorrow night will be a bit different. Tomorrow we will be doing a full heroic clear in Bastion of Twilight (including Sinestra) as well as the FL meta achivments. Just a reminder I am always streaming pvping during the week almost every night, full premade random bgs with my guild. I will probably start the Dragon Soul at around 8:30 EST.
I wouldn't bother this week, it'll be 1% peppy dying and 99% sarella whining about wasting time doing crappy achievements.
ah, but that's all the fun in it!
Will be streaming BGs and DMF arena events as they happen all week, as well as raid night on Thursday and the Guild's 5 year anniversary DMF deathmatch event on friday, remember to tune in!
Raid tomorrow! We will be going into Firelands for a buyer and also going back into fun old Tier 11 and be doing Bastion of Twilight for achievements and Blackwing Descent on Heroic (not sure yet on Throne of the four Winds), will keep this updated!
Just a reminder Raid will be starting in about 20-25 minutes so stream is going up in about 15 minutes! Remember to tune in!
Stream going up in a hour for Progressions DMF event!
stream going up in 15 minutes!
Just a heads up the DMF event video IS up on stream and can be found under videos, the event starts around 28 minutes or so.
Bump for bg streaming starting in a hour! XD
Bump for pvp!
PvP tonight along with raid tomorrow
Raid tonight at 7:40! Raid will consist of running the winner of our DMF arena event through his choice of raid, BWD achievements along with Throne of the Four Winds Achievements!
Bump for raid tonight at 8 EST
Raid tonight at 7:40 EST, we are doing a full heroic DS clear and possibly Firelands!

Remember to tune in at
Raid tonight with all the new fun talents! Come watch at 7:40 at

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