[A] <One More Time> 8/8 HM - LFM for MoP!

Hi there cuties! :] <One More Time> is recruiting for progression raiding in Mists of Pandaria. We are a guild made up of mature 20 somethings that can focus during bosses and bull!@#$ outside of them. We are currently filling up our final core spots and farming mounts in Dragon Soul while we wait for September 25th. :p

We are currently 8/8 HM and farming mounts!
We have completed Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider. :]

What You Can Expect From Us

Raids 2 nights a week - Tuesday & Wednesday, 6:15pm - 9:15pm server time
Guild provided flasks, repairs and feasts.
Enchants and Epic gems for bis/heroic gear.

2nd Raid group currently suspended until MoP. Sorry!
Old raids on off nights (Who doesn't like achievement points and free mounts?)

What We Expect From You

Previous progression raiding experience! <33
A good grasp on your class and how to utilize your abilities.
Situational awareness.
Ventrilo and a working microphone.
The desire to right-click corpses for loot.

Please be able to take criticism! This one is a must. If we wipe, we discuss it and figure out why it happened and how to combat it for the next attempt. This is not us calling you out, so if your first reaction is to rage and yell in vent that it wasn't your fault.. Find another guild.

And Now, Our Primary Needs

Main group is currently closed.

*Any outstanding player

Group 2 (Sunday@5pm Server)

Suspended. Check back after MoP releases!

*Any outstanding player

* We don't like to recruit for the bench, but if you're happy being an alternate for one of our core raiders, then feel free to join up. :] We understand real life happens and sometimes we need to fill unexpected absences.

If this all sounds fantastic to you then reply here and/or send an in-game mail to Eversi, Lokomotives or Patdown and we will get back to you. We use a ventrilo interview process instead of a website-based guild application. Just a few questions to get to know you, and you will be on your way to slaying dragons. <3

I approve of this message.
Michael I hate you.
07/12/2012 07:55 PMPosted by Roarpowz
Michael I hate you.

But I <3 you?
that powpow town
Here magey magey magey magey
Looking for a resto druid who has impecable raid awareness?
DS is so nerfed you don't need awareness anymore breh.
Sorry don't have anything close to a healer spot right now. :(

Also updated with need for a tank in MoP. One of our tanks has decided he would like to become a dps in MoP, so we're recruiting a tank to fulfill his request. :]

To the top! Still looking for that mage and warlock!

Roarpow is cute.
Real Fatality approved. :D
Experienced Frost/Blood DK here
399 In Frost
393in Blood 4/8H
Whisper me in game when you get a chance sheytoon
He's mastered the S key.
lol thanks :)
Where are you mage? 4 pieces of heroic vanq tonight. :(
How many chicks are in guild if I may ask?

I just maaaay be interested as I think both of us are pretty similar in our experience in DS and I think we could make a greeeaaat team.
07/18/2012 10:13 PMPosted by Màxwell
How many chicks are in guild if I may ask?

Lol what?

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