[A] <One More Time> 8/8 HM - LFM for MoP!

Hey I just met you..
Yay spine down. :DDD

Still looking for that magical mage!

And this is crazy..
Why don't we just look for a holy paladin and I'll go on my mage :P
Because no.
I'm interested in joining. This is my first toon I ever made back in '09 when I started playing. I have raided every tier since Onyxia so I know what I'm doing and have done Hard Modes in a lot of the raids when I go in between raiding casually and heroics. If you want to know anything else you can just ask.
I believe we're full up for now. :] We do have an alt group that runs on Sundays @ 6pm that could use a few people. For now, our main group recruitment is closed.

Madness down! <33

Cameltotemz took my mount. :(
Still need some more people to fill in our second group on Sunday. Today's run is starting an hour earlier @ 5pm server time. :]
recruit my dk kthx
Who is your dk?

Glory complete!
Also our sunday run has moved up an hour to 5pm! This will be it's new time.
need a rogue still?
Sorry. We don't need a rogue for that group anymore.

Bumping this with a need for a new main tank for our core progression group in MoP. Please be anything but a Monk or Bear tank and have substantial tanking experience. Reply here or mail me in-game and I will send you my realID so we can talk further.

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