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Great idea!

I often stream speed runs of SM64, horror games and WoW. When MOP comes out I will be streaming the raid progression of <DSLB>on my rogue. STOP BY!!!

I dont have the best quality stream but i do stream some
Grats to Ducksauce 7k followers!
MoP is right around the corner! Clarity will probably be streaming some Challenge Modes, also more than likely our raids from now on!
I always stream our guild raids on Thurs, Sun, and if needed, Mon at 9pm-Midnight server. I'll probably be doing challenge modes and any PvP our guild might be doing.

The streaming is currently on break will we start raiding in MoP due to a break in raiding, and I just moved. 10 man stream is scheduled for the 4th, 25 man will start on the 11th.

I also stream other games such as D3, BF3, and SC2 when I feel like playing them.

A few others in my guild are talking about streaming the raids with me for other views of the raid. I would posts links to theirs, but they haven't decided if they are going to stream yet or not. If they do, I'll let you guys know.
bumP for mop streams

Right now, I'll be streaming me leveling my Monk and doing dungeons on the way up to 90. Hopefully will be streaming some 90 content as for I will be doing a good mix of PVP and PVE as heals for PVP and tank for PVE. Of course some world PVP hopefully thrown in. By world PVP I mean as Alli gets steam rolled in daily areas by the mass amounts of horde everywhere!

Not a super hardcore player and only will mostly stream at the end of the week and weekends. I like casual play and just having a good time. Rarely am I super serious. Love just talking about the game in chat and just talking to some people.

I also stream Firefall beta and BL2 right now. Some DayZ thrown in there sometimes.

Quality of the stream will be improved when my i7 comes in tomorrow :D
Please keep requesting stickies guys... Makes no sense why this isn't a sticky by now.
I did when I posed today. Can we do it more than once?

Edit: Nevermind already answered my own question
Static has a few other streams as well.
Shadow Priest
Other holy paladin stream (Jaggerz is better than Docx! Sorry Myth!)
Our GM/MT Monk. Not sure if he has fixed his stream yet, but this is where it would be.
Tricky tricky... stickie this thing
Muxx, just a little update to mine, (One for the Road's stream), add in that it is from a Mistweaver Monk PoV if you could please.

Also, do we maybe want to add in raid times? That way people know when people are raiding, that way they can watch another guild on the server raid while they are doing dailies & whatnot. I'd put it in a short format, such as for my guild's raid streams, they are Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon 9:30pm-12:30AM, I'd write it like this (maybe add in raid size, we switched back to 10 to speed up progression): - Mistweaver Monk - 10M Raid Stream times: W, Th, Su, M 9:30pm -12:30am

Also, any word on the Arthas team page? If not, we all should support each other when we stream and try to get someone a partnership so we can make it happen!

Keep dem sticky votes coming!

Muxx is a tiny man.
Nice thread Muxx, here's a couple of streams from Knights of Shadow.


I stream and am rerolling on this server.

Will put a link when im not lazy and tired. multi-glad lock with the Wholesome Guys!

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