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Hello, I will make this post as short and basic as possible! I am not trying to have a rant about servers and ping, I want to make oceanic servers a better place for all. I would like blizzard to have 2-3 servers psychically located in Australia.
What this would do
- Discourage non oceanic players from playing on realms that aren't designed for them which would mean more players are playing at the same time allowing easier organization of raids etc.
- A better community as people are from similar areas and can talk about in real life events such as sport etc.
- Giving Australian/New Zealand players better ping allowing them to be more competitive and active in PvP.
- Reduce anger many players are annoyed that Americans have so much better ping. Improving players connection will have a great positive impact on the oceanic PvP community

Reasons why oceanic players should have servers in Australia

- Many oceanic players feel neglected because of the fact that there are countless European servers that are located in different parts of Europe and none for Oceanic players.
- If SWOTR could get servers located in Australia why can't Blizzard?

In conclusion I believe many oceanic players feel that they are instantly put at a disadvantage because of where they live. Putting servers in Australia WILL make the PvP better and more enjoyable. I hope Blizzard acts on this as many players are pretty disappointed that they have been ignored.
All feedback is appreciated, I know I am asking a lot from Blizzard but I believe it benefits enough people for it to be worthwhile.
Asked (a lot) and answered. It won't happen and certainly not for WoW. They've stated why and I can't see them moving from that position anytime soon, I'm afraid.
Well it definitely is about time , Im sick of constant 200+ ms and sometimes even more , 200 is very lucky for an Australian player and I honestly play this game for PvP the majority of the time.
Keep bugging them about it.
@Aislinge: You repeat the same message and said it was explained, but you don't bother explaining what you mean. Where did blizz official explain this? Don't you know that blizz hate losing subscribers? If I had lag like that, I wouldn't play. Sorry you folks got it bad when it come to lag. ):
Yeh we have it bad when it comes to lag only because theres no servers here in australia! if they recruit here and make an australian team out of australians that would only expand blizzard. Meaning more money for them. Everybody wins!
the ping cant be that bad...we've put up with it for 7 years now. If it was that big a deal and blizz was losing major amounts of subs over it then they would of done something...BUT THERE NOT GOING TO!! END OF STORY!!!
Aussie servers won't attract PvPers, they will want to be where the action is. Even though lower latency will be great for PvP, there just won't be a high level of quality players to keep them on the AU servers.

I love the enthusiasm as much as the next person, but it really is not going to happen with any Blizzard game. They don't need to try persuade us with our own servers, they already have us!
I have always been in for Aussie servers, but can never see it happening, which is fine. Iv'e handled the ping since release now and it's something you just get use to haha. It is 90 but that's besides the point lol :)

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