Legend of Korra news from SDCC

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-Show picked up for 2 more seasons, grand total of 52 episodes over 4 seasons
-Book 2 will be called "Spirits", and will spend time delving into the spiritual side of the Avatar Universe. It is set 6 months after the previous season
-Korra's family an extended family, as well as Kya and Bumi, will all play more important roles this season
-Mako will be a republic city cop in season 2. Asami is the new head of Future Industries, and Bolin is struggling with a new pro-bending team.
-Korra can now enter the avatar state at will.

There was also a lot of new landscape art and alternate outfits revealed, and the designs for several new characters:
-Unarock, Tonraq's brother and Korra's uncle. Chief of the northern water tribe
-Unarock's two children, a boy and a girl who are twins near Korra's age
-A sleezy looking guy named Verick who is reportedly somehow tied to Bolin

More info (copy pasta, some is redundant):

Book 2 is called Spirits
Book 2 takes place six months after Book 1: Air
The Book begins with a festival in the Southern Water Tribe
The Southern Water Tribe has been rebuilt just like the Northern One
Each member the group gets polar outfits.
The Southern Air Temple and other ancient Air Temple sites WILL be visited.
Asami has taken over Future Industries, and has a business outfit
More info on Kya, whose favorite song is "Secret Tunnel". She's a bit of a hippie and has a special bond with Jinora
Kya and Bumi also get winter garb.
We will meet Unarock, Korra's uncle, who is the Chief of the Northern Water Tribe.
We will meet Unarock's twins, a boy and a girl.
We'll find out more about Korra's family, and about the history of the different tribes.
There's no shortage of spirits this season.
Mako becomes a cop.
The Pro-bending crowds are the voices of the people at the Korra panel in SDCC 2012
Bolin will get a love interest.
Unlike Mako and Korra, Bolin still plays for the Fire Ferrets' pro-bending team
We will meet Verick, a captain industry residing in the Southern Water Tribe and a friend of Bolin's.
The voice actor of Azula confirmed that she will be returning to voice a character called "The Dark Spirit" (Thanks Random Ranaun and!)


The link also has lots of pictures.

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