** WTS Leveling Kits ** plus transmog

Updated: 7/20/2012

Selling Jewel-crafting & Blacksmith & Engineering kits. Plus Transmog BoE

I thrive for positive customer feed back. Unlike selling you mats and logging offline, I treat you like a valued customer. I will help you one step of the way even if you didn't get that one skill-up. My kits are designed and paid to help you level a profession the fastest and easiest way possible with no road bumps in the way. My promise to you: You will have 100% customer satisfaction.

What are in; and what come with my profession leveling kits? How much do they cost?
  • Links to a video instruction guide. Vent or Skype communication with me directly.
  • 3000+ items. Plus pre- purchased patterns.
  • Level 1 to 525 in an hour without having to take one step away from the trainer.
    (depending on kit purchased)
  • I sell different varieties of profession kits.
    For example:
    Jewel crafting kit a) Quality price of (9,500) gold is designed to recover most if not all you're gold back by re-selling crafted items and disenchanting mats from the items you crafted. This kit prefers crafting green items over white items.
    While Jewel crafting kit b) is cheaper (5,999 gold) but it's re-sale is much lower and only levels you to get you to the perks(495).
  • Engineering kits are sold for (5,999 gold) I can do specialty engineering as well. Gnomish or Goblin for an up charge.
  • Future sets include: Tailoring, Enchanting, Scribe & Alchemy.
  • If you would like to purchase one, post here and get a hold of me online, or mail me. It typically takes 2 - 3 days if I have none in stock. First come first serve.
    Edit: I also am in the (plate BoE) transmog market, have a pretty big inventory consisting from everything from cheap chromite to pricy lofty leggings.
    discount please
    Hi there Maral !
    Hey there fellow Blackrockers, I still have a JC kit in stock and ready to sell!!! You know you want it :D
    1x goblin engineering
    1 Gnomish Engineering, after Nipples!
    This is the most amazing idea ever!
    Just bought a Jewelcrafting kit. Great seller, constantly made sure that everything was okay and asked if I needed any help throughout the leveling process. I would recommend to all my friends on Blackrock.
    Hey sysity, Blimey here (Tank%**% - I mailed you ingame)

    I want to sign up for 1x JC(Option B) kit. And 1x Engineering.

    Message me ingame if any issues
    Hey hey talked to u a few days ago inline for a eng kit ~

    No kits - in stock

    Fill order is as follows:

    Crooklyn > Nipples > Leonin > Blimey
    You able to do Leatherworking
    I most likely wont do leatherworking, because I dont have anyone that can skin. I farm most of my mats. Order filling is going to be slow, I have an exam om Friday. But everything should pick up after. Thanks for your support and pacitence.
    Spoke to you in game sign me up for a Blacksmithing kit :D

    Hey guys, thanks for waiting patiently. I had some school to take care of. Now I should be able to kick off a grind fest and pump kits out.

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