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07/31/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Projectzero
Found my Warlock, Coeptis comes back in a week or two!

Thank god finally a good lock on horde side. It's been too long.
07/30/2012 11:42 PMPosted by Untrax
We have the best 5s on horde side !! it took us 2 nights haha

Well..... when a hacker logs onto my toon and deletes the top horde 5s team....

Yea I guess that is a solid win by default there.

thing wouldnt do the quote brackets wtf hax.

yea trax a hacker just so happen to delete your 5s team that was rank 1 on horde, more excuses please, dog eat your homework to?

get in this guild
Was a good time in stormwind
Was another good time in SW. :)
what time you guys do rbgs? maybe looking to finishing my rbg run this season once i get legendaries finished tomorrow, currently a little above 2k rating
We dont have a time for them currently.
Trying to get more people into the guild so we do not have to look for people outside of the guild.
Friday - Sunday Special going to take the achievement requirement off.
On request of Pzero,
This weekend we'll invite people without the 1550 achievement.
So yeah.
This weekend, no 1550 achievement requirement.
You just have to be lvl85 & have this seasons honor gear at the very least.
Deal ends at midnight.
Desparate guild needs to make a "deal" so more baddies can join their awesome guild of 1700 career players. Pathetic.
Desperate troll needs to make an "alt" so he can act like he's better than 1700 career players. Pathetic.
Posting on alts that nobody knows is fun, your main is prolly a nobody to, try harder to be more successful at being bad, youve got it down teach me please, i think i have the hang of it with the secret alt thing so far.

Nobody knows how bad my main is either cause im on an alt.
Dude I heard all the rank 1's got together and decided Nazgrel has the highest skill capped players, especially around level 63. They also made a youtube video of Nazgrel PvP and how much better the players there are than every other server they've ever been on! CHECK IT OUT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
I did some research and you have 2 players out of 45 that have actually managed to hit over 2k.

That is 4% of your guild being able to hit 2k.

Do i really need to say more.
Yea tell us who your main is or we stop feeding you

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