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Please see the new recruitment thread for <Sententia> and allow this one to fall into oblivion. Due to recent events, we've decided to move forward under a new name. Same nice crew of folks though, for the most part.


... or not really. Ok, kinda. Lord Izayah Arkainen has gone on sabbatical, and left the operations of Mythdren in my hands. Along with my capable and awesome High Council, we're officially opening the doors for new members to join our noble (at least IC) and silly (OOC) family.

What do we do?

Some light RP (such as IC guild meetings, parties, fireworks, hide and seek, BBQs, etc.) Our promotions ceremonies, such as Knightings, are all IC.

Lots of Achievement / Transmog runs.

There is lots of interest in raiding current content and we have a core group that is geared for it. We just need to get organized and get it off the ground. (and yes, I do realize that Firelands and DS are barely considered current anymore but we still wanna do it.)

Pretty much we are a laid back group of adults who enjoy playing the game together; we hang out, and have fun. The guild is run as a democracy, by a high council of members who vote on major decisions. In keeping with Izayah's legacy, I will restate what he always said: "The GM works for the guild and not the other way around."

Drama will not be tolerated and people who stir up trouble will be given the bootsky.

If you want to hang with us, you must be tolerant of people and their politics, beliefs and lifestyles. Sexism, ageism, racism, gay bashing, any other sort of intolerant "ism" has no place in Mythdren.

So if you're looking for a place to hang out, do a little of this, that and the other thing, and meet some new friends, then please look us up. :)

Boring details:
guild level 25
website is http://mythdren.enjin.com
Facebook group is mythdren reborn
we have a 25 person vent AND a mumble server
7 tab guild bank
gchat is OOC
*Pounces on thread* Back to the top with you!
Thanks Ich :)
Good luck you guys! Your all a really nice bunch of people, and we wish you the best!

Highly recommended A+++ as far as a buyer rating would go! :P
Awww thanks Juan and right back at you :)

Wednesday morning bump and welcome to all the new members who've joined in the past few days. We're happy to have you!
Bump for good peeps!

Mythdren= Very good people!
Back to page one :)

Awesome guild meeting last night people. Glad you all had fun on the log ride.

*tackles thread and gives it a big hug* One of the best guilds I've been in. Give it a shot ;)
*Bump to the front page*

I haven't tossed my two cents in on any of our recruitment posts, so I figured I would now. This is a great bunch of people we've got here. Plenty of lawls, we're all fairly intelligent (not to boast), and we like to have fun.

So there. And stuff.
Mid-week bump back to page one.

Always looking for friendly faces for Mythdren.

We also got ourselves an experienced raid leader! woot! we're 7/8 regular DS! Who would ever have thunk it.

I'm working on a Blood DK and hoping to hit 85 this week. Any chance your group is looking for a tank? I'd love to do some raiding with a group of relaxed folks who are also into RP (not to mention transmog runs -- DK T11 is something I'm excited to farm up as soon as I get the chance!)
Currently, I believe I am the only tank that we have right now. For full Guild runs, we could certainly use another one!
That was really redundant and I'm sorry.
07/25/2012 12:01 PMPosted by Willia
That was really redundant and I'm sorry.

Haha, nah. You're all good. I'll get into contact with someone this evening after work and try to see what you guys are all about. Cheers!
Hey Adamantus, I'd like to welcome your DK Vicer to Mythdren! Happy to have you!
*smacks with totem*

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