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*limps into thread*

So... sore. 12 hour shifts suck but hey at least the floor is waxed and the carpets are cleaned.
Aww Ich.
bump back to page 1 for server downtime :)

Happy Tuesday Maintenance people.
Wed bump :)

*hands out homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies*
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Sounds magical! Who shall I contact about joining?
Hi Sasameyuki,
I'm the GM, I'll look for you in game but you can contact any one of our members who happen to be online. Not everyone has invite privileges but hopefully there will be someone online who does.

I'll be online around 8 server tonight and look for you
I took a break from WoW, kind of forced, (lightning screwed up my PC), and am coming back but am interested in starting completely fresh, (meaning no gold, bags, heirlooms or anything crazy from my main). I want to start a new character as if I am starting the game of the first time again.

I am trying to decide between playing a Worgen Warrior, (thinking arms or fury), or a Worgen Death Knight, (leaning a bit more toward this). I used to play on this realm a long time ago, Horde side, and loved the community here as a whole, (as a I dabbled a bit Alliance side too). I have played a Rogue as my main pretty much since BC and prefer the melee classes.

I guess I should have asked the question first, which is, is there a level requirement to join? I like meeting new people, making new friends, and having fun playing a game I enjoy. I don't mind helping when/if I can, though I certainly can't be on here all the time, (though it would be nice to be able to game like I once did). I am also not looking for any kind of hand out or to be carried through anything. I can pick up whatever professions might be needed by the guild, though I am sure they are all probably covered.

Just let me know. If I missed level requirement in the first post I apologize, though I read it and didn't see one. If there is one, no hard feelings, I still plan to roll here anew Alliance side and have some fun making friends.

Thank you.
Go Mythdren!!

Gwen I got your letter, I've just been slammed for the past few days :(
What's this doing all the way down here? Up you go!
Hey Kilbarri!
No, there are no level requirements. Just look for me or anyone else in Mythdren once you make your new character and we can chat more. I'm sure you'd be a great fit for us. :)

And welcome Sasasmeyuki!

Thanks for the bumpage Tal.

xo Gwennie
I hope you don't mind but I have decided on rolling a Druid instead of a Warrior or Death Knight. Spent a good portion of the day today after work reading up on a few different classes and had narrowed it down to either Shaman or Druid and decided on Druid.

Now the hardest part with this is finding the right name. It has become a huge pain in the butt. As I have decided on a Worgen Druid, (I am not a fan of Night Elfs), I want an old english sounding name. I have searched old english, german, polish, scottish, and Irish. Found quite a few of each that I liked and every single one is taken.

As I want to try RPing a bit, I want to have an RP, (and lore), appropriate name. I am also the type of person that really values my character name. If I'm not really feeling it with the name I just won't enjoy the playing the character, if that mass sense.

Anyways, I didn't want you to think I didn't check this forum after I posted or forgot or decided to go somewhere else, cause I didn't. Just trying to find a name, =).
sure thing :) Just look for us once you figure something out.

Sometimes even swapping out a single vowel can make a name available. Like, say, you wanted the name Gavin, you could try Gaven. Or you could use your character's last name, such as, oh, Blakely or something like that.

There's a great list of Victorian era names here:


And there's a surname list here:

I'm fussy about names too, except for Gwen, I made hers up .... she was my first ever and I didn't put as much thought into it as I should have.
Thanks Gwen, I appreciate it. Tried a few names from each list with no luck, =(. Been at it for almost 4 hours now. Never had this much trouble trying to get a name before, kind of ridiculous.

I suppose I will get back at it after work tomorrow, you folks have a nice night.
A very nice, sociable guild!

I am looking forward to logging in to say hi. :)

Thank you for inviting me to join!

@Kilbarri, maybe try looking at names of areas or characters from other fantasy games for names of that ilk. I took the name of my Worgen Druid (Ranperre) from Final Fantasy XI.
There was ice cream. I'll make some more.
Ooh sorry, we just ran out of pie actually.

I'd go and get the manager for this situation, I honestly would however he went to a doctor to see about his feet. The doctor gave them one look and handed him a ring to throw into a fiery mountain.

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