<Acts of Violence> is recruiting!!

We are recruiting skilled PvP/ PvE players to join our ranks. We will raid and run rbg's on a regular basis.

We are a lvl 25 guild with all the perks and a guild participation rank bonus.

You will find players here that love to play the game but also love to have fun and joke around and if you are looking for a rated G guild then we are not for you.

We are here to help you as well as we expect you to help us.

If you want to finally have the guild you are looking for and tired of all the mess you are getting from your current guild then look me up or just simply do a /who with our guild name to find out who you can chat with.

Thank you for your time. And be a part of building a top ranked guild on your realm.
Best of ******* luck recruiting for your ***-**** guild! =)
Bump :)
Bump for a great player!!
So far we have had a great response and thanks to all who are in this thread for your support =)
I am now looking for a OT/ Warrior. You must have some harmode experience and have a positive attitude and be able to listen. And you must prove that you have experience as well. ilvl preffered has to be over 389ish

Hit me up anytime you see me on.

Thanks for looking :D

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