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Just wondering if anyone got any cool new games from the steam sale? And are you enjoying them?

Just trying to find out what to buy before the sale ends... TOO MUCH!!!
buy super meat boy
steam losing users to origin so they have to have a big sale lmoa
07/19/2012 05:33 AMPosted by Badges
steam losing users to origin so they have to have a big sale lmoa

Cool... Not the point in the thread though but thank you.
tip #1 - the games are on sale for a reason. they suck.

tip #2 - check online reviews for games, they will be far more useful than asking the Barth community

tip #3 - stop playing so many video games; it is bad for your health
I've been going crazy buying games. My mrs is calling me an e-hoarder.
The games are on sale for an end of financial year massive summer saving esc thing
07/19/2012 10:45 PMPosted by Trolldral
i purchased "railworks 3 train simulator 2012" do suggest

hope you're not joking, we can co-op train drive like a boss.
Yea i got the train simulator and ARMA 2 for DayZ
Heaps of new stuff to play with the boyfriend :D <3 Missed out on The Darkness II @ 75% off though :< not happy!
dayz so good
07/23/2012 06:18 PMPosted by Egwyn
dayz so good

I know right.. only found one gun so far tho..
Sales over this thread is obsolete i now have some extra games to play while i wait for the release of Orc's must die 2, which will last me probs a week of casual solo play.

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