(A) Pacific Phoenix want to add a few souls

Hey reader.

We're a casual/raiding guild looking for a few more willing souls who want to raid a 3 nights a week. We're getting 8-10 regular raiders on our raid nights so could do with 3-4 more to help fill the slots regularly. Still pushing where we can (if you call Heroic Morchok pushing) and having fun with getting old achieves.

Guild has been around for many many years, no intention of going anywhere.

Warrior tank, hunter, shaman, future monk, really any class is welcome. We're pretty full on melee dps though.

Core of the guild is 25-35 and have been together for a while. We do expect people to gem/enchant to the best of their ability and to come to raids prepared. We're not here to drag people through raids or be a step up to a hardcore raiding guild.

If you feel like hopping online 3 nights a week (Mon, Wed, Thurs) 7.30 til 10pm and looking for a mature, friendly bunch, then drop us a line.


Schell from Juggernaught?

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