Thrall Server Facebook Page - Alliance/Horde

Hello people of Thrall,

Inviting everyone to join the World of Warcraft: Thrall Server group on Facebook.

The group is controlled by Horde & Alliance moderators, Contains 433 members, is highly active, a nice home for the Horde and Alliance of Thrall to discuss, share stuff with each other, and sometimes get along : ) The board also allows guilds to recruit! A nice addition to get your names out there to the population of Thrall either for raiding, rbgs, arena, or even leveling.

If you're interested in joining simply type World Of Warcraft: Thrall Server in your search bar on Facebook and you will find us :) Currently the board is about 70% Alliance activity. There are no requirements to join the page. If you currently don't have an active subscription you're more than welcome to come join in on the discussions.

Would be splendid to get more active members to the group. Request to join and an admin will approve your request in a timely manner. Spread the word, invite your friends, we look forward to seeing you! Thanks for your time,
Dear Tim,
I'm sorry you have sand in your vag because this "really bad lol like really bad" lock destroyed you in Pvp doesn't give you the right to call me out. You lost and I didn't even have to teleport away to protect myself I only used 2 dots to kill you LOL. Don't feel bad though a lvl 85 warrior and a lvl 85 death knight with a lvl 82 dk against one lock is definately fair, which is why you lost. So lol "like" lol you stupid sh*t your like really bad "like really bad" PvP is about surviving and you don't do that very well apparently. Next time you have your period keep it out of FB and grow a pair and address me yourself. =D
Have an outstanding afternoon! LOL <3

BTW this was my favorite part of your rant
"I don't like alliance so I won't be nice to who ever plays one if anyone wants to join them fine be my guest u all need to be shot in the head anywho LOL..." You really outdo yourself here
And this confirms it. I've been around both sides, ally and horde, and the idea of a realm FB sounded bad.
I actually left that group a few days ago. Almost every post is Trade Chat in Facebook form. There's a rare post of actual anything to do with Thrall but most of them are just trolls and people complaining about other people.
<-- Is not Tim.
<-- Is not Travis
Thought it might be nice to know some of the people I play with/around.
Took on look at that mess of a page.
I've never really had a problem on the page. People make their own arguments with people. That happens everywhere socially.. Forums, Trade Chat, Facebook, and misc other places people try to be social on the internet. They have an ignore just like Trade does it's called blocking a person. I understand the whole "one bad apple ruining a bunch" type of judgment but I've met some very cool people there from the Alliance and Horde side alike.
Come on squid and join...we can just start conversations with ourselves?
We have gchat for that.
yay...another reason to be on facebook
hai squid <3
Hey Bläckbutlër you suck... (not like this is new information) no wonder I kicked your @ss. Btw Dezy I know your not Tim same with Toramas. Big props to you guys for letting this loser go, he makes every guild he joins look like !@#$. How many actual men do you know seek pleasure in going out of their way to attack and degrade women.

Miss you guys have fun.

Oh man, this can't not end well.

joining asap
I've also had to remove Tim from a guild ( <AEGIS> ) back in the day. It's nice knowing that some people never change (or learn).
but but Squid...ILU's! <333
Very cool!

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