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OHMEGERD<3 It's raveneyes! :3 I love your sets! 10/10 all dee wayyy- i came back to show how i fixed it and such ;)
Axe 9/10 nice set but it's missing something but that could be cause you're 74 and don't have access to the 85 stuff
10/10 love the set and <3 femorc body
9/10 good use the recolored t2 shaman shoulders but the helm seems out of place for me.

AND BOOM my ornate set is complete xmog set number 26
Gratz on your 26th set. I like the set, but doesn't seem right on a troll to me. Maybe it's just too plain for my tastes. 7/10

This set isn't color-coordinated yet.
Do i count ;D
and i like yours Bull =] id give 10/10 but im a fan of the dark coloured armors so im biased lol
5/10 I don't care for the legs
7/10 - I just don't like goggles for some reason. And your shoulders are odd looking

it makes me sad we can't see bows/guns anymore...
7/10 - not to flashy, but good choice for helm/shoulder combo.

It also makes me sad we cant see ranged weapons, since mine really brings my outfit together.

Hi guildie! :P



you look like the batman Raven :P
swiftarrow recolor set i also have in green ill post again after my armory changes
9/10 Good colors for an undead.
09/15/2012 09:52 PMPosted by Taaz
8/10 Love the color scheme (looks great with the hair) but the kicker is that eyepatch. Very nice! The Ironhide set looks good on a female dwarf!


you look like you hunt a little of everything. :P

Tabard way off; I'm not a fan of those small leveling sets, the colors are boring and they leave much to be desired.

6/10 because that hat looks awesome on you.

Not bad, it looks to me like you definitely put some effort and thought into that right there. 8/10

Very mean looking and intimidating Orc. Ya, pretty cool look to boot, especially that helm and shoulders. I see that and think warrior/hunter/savage esque. Certainly not someone to be trifled with.

Your tabard's colors work, but, that logo seems very generic and uninspiring to me.

Also, I'd like to see bigger gauntlet gloves that look meaner, and have more metal and maybe forearm spikes to match the shoulders, but that's just the set, not your design fault, for that specific armor piece.

Also the Boots. I would love to see more of that thick metal material that pads the shoulders on them. They look a bit slightly bland as is, imo

But overall, bravo, its fairly a good look.
thinking of trying to go after the hunter legendary agian ( if it's still possiible) what kind of xmog will look good with that bow?

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