Players who deserve a thank you

I thought it was time we thank some of the people we've met online who made a big impact on us. Maybe you recall their name, or maybe you don't.

I'll start.

One of the most profound interactions I ever had was with a player I had never met before in a pug doing Onyxia during WoTLK. I was busy topping damage and telling people to be less bad. I got a tell from someone asking why I was happy to insult people, but wouldn't step up and lead the raid since I was retired from premonition. He said people would listen, and he was right. That day I started fixing the broken pugs that I stepped into.

Thanks to his comments, which took only a minute or two of his time, we ran the "Premo Pug ICC25" runs on alleria for over a year. Eventually I transferred off some of my chars with a few friends and switched to tanking to make it easier to carry runs, but I'm still leading the top two pugs on that server. His comments didn't just begin the interest in the runs though, they taught me how to organize and lead large groups of people.

I don't even remember that players name, but I owe him or her a large debt of gratitude for encouraging me to lead.

How about anyone else? Any players you've randomly encountered who started a profound change for you?
Hmmm, this is a lot of people.

I'd say I have to thank Stirnum, he's an awesome friend who helped me a great deal. He even leveled a character on my !@#$ass new realm so he could help me camp %^-* for weeks and do doomed ach runs with people who cannot pull 8k dps.

Sheath for being a sexy man and always dragging me through old content, would not bother with that !@#$ if it was not for you. It takes balls of steel to put up with me as long as he has.

Polite was an awesome player who introduced me to higher end raiding back in wrath and insisting I'm not as stupid as I think. Minus points for being a @%@ and quitting then playing Dragon nest. I hope we can be friends in years to come.

Shinokisha and Zokunen and your guild. Had a bunch of fun with you guys world pvping! Anyone on alli who remember the party boat in SW?

Tyrena and Tyrenex. You're both funny and I've enjoyed your conversation and company over the years.

Tempting to go back to Lightbringer sometimes, but I don't think anyone I know plays anymore. You're a fab bunch though!
I'd like to give my love to Buytobehappy.She turned me from a zero to a hero.God Bless Buytobehappy.Your an inspiration to us all.
I'd like to thank Moogosa, since we all know OSA # 1.
the hell is this
IKR Skooby... what's all this positivity in the middle of my digital rage playground???

But actually, it's refreshing to read. Kudos to the original poster.

Northman for getting me into the game in 2004

Kriemheld for getting me into my first guild in 2008. I solo played for 4 years and a whole new world was opened up to me.

Seraphina for introducing me to my first raid experience.

Et for giving me my first regular raid spot.

Nightson for making me a much better raider, and overall wow player.

All the people of my guild who make being a GM worthwhile!
This doobie's for u baby Jesus.
07/19/2012 05:22 AMPosted by Skooby
the hell is this
I would like to thank Naeb for being a decent human. This thread is evidence enough.

How about Faline, helps people out on the weekend, holds contests and generally attempts to make the game a more friendly place, as it seems to me anyway. Cheers Faline!
07/19/2012 12:28 AMPosted by Vastan
I'd like to thank Moogosa, since we all know OSA # 1.

OSA #1!
i'd like to thank myself just for being me
Years ago back in Classic WoW I was on Scarlet Crusade. My guild was Crimson Legacy. There was a warlock named Montare or as I called him/her Mont. Mont taught me how to be an end game raider. She showed me how to farm mats and show up to raids prepared and ready to go. I remember spending hours on end farming with Mont late at night. I have many fun memories of raiding with Mont and just having fun in general. That guild eventually broke up and I took a free server transfer to the scryers with some of my RL friends. I never saw or heard from Mont again. If I could I would thank Mont for taking my noob self and turning it into the raider I am today. I always see ppl making fun and trolling new players for being fail or not knowing what to do. I always try and help those players out because I think back to when I was a noob and Mont took me under her wing.
I would like to thank Orgasmatron.

You really lived up to your name regardless of size ;)
i would like to thank carrot top for all the useless crap he has given us over the years
R.I.P Orgasmatron
banned :(
I'd like to thank Mia Rose. Thanks Mia (wink wink)
arsi of overrated, i love you
Id like to take this time to thank breadsticks for naming himself breadsticks .... without him i dont know where i would be right now ... the legendary breadsticks who trained bwe to fight in the arena for our horde city

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