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So i did the blackwing raid and won "Gauntlet of the corrupted protector". I presume i go to the valor vendor and exchange for my choice of gloves (that you dont buy with valor points),but there's a problem. I try to exchange for the guantlets with the most stats, but when i try to buy, it says i don't have the required items to buy it. But it says the price is 1 gaunlet of the corrupted protector. What am i doing wrong? I want the best gloves, but I can't seem to buy them. Help!

im assuming you are talking about LFR DS (dragon soul / Deathwing)

there are 3 different versions of the gauntlets make sure your clicking on the right one.
You can turn in your gauntlet token at the VP master (or JP if its from a past tier), but each token corresponds to a set item.

The LFR tokens will only allow the purchase of the 384 items.
(current) 10/25man raids will allow the purchase of the 397 ilvl items
(current) heroic 10/25 man raids will allow the purchase of the 403 ilvl items.

The best would be the 403 but you can only purchase that with the heroic content tokens.
If you are talking about Gauntlets of the Corrupted Protector you go to the VP vendor to turn in your token, make sure you select the correct level for the difficulty you completed.

If you are talking about Gauntlets of the Forlorn Protector To turn in this token you have to have the normal version of the gloves, and the heroic token to exchange for the heroic gloves.

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