<Twilight Empire> recruiting healer for H DS

I think you guys need some racial diversity in your guild. Not only can I heal, I can also tank....very very badly. So to assist you guys in coming into g'vment regs reference EEOC rules and by laws, I will submit my application and a list of a few references that can attest to my lack of skills here.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.
@Lukar: Put that little thing back in your pants.

@Bob: I agree wholeheartedly. We need a bad healer and/or tank. Especially one that makes us more racially diverse! And you're fuzzy. Let me share with you what we did to our last fuzzy druid healer.

We teabagged his corpse every time he died in the raid instance. He also always sat in our seafood feasts when we dropped them, until we started lacing it with druid-specific gonad-shrinking venom. It is how we show our love to fuzzy druid healers. :) Where's that list of references to your badness? <3 We miss our "target".

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