Realm first Prof list.

Since i'll be going for 6realm firsts in Mop, i'll need some Suppliers. I'll be able to invite you to the guild for the instant mail.

Enchanting Mats

Spirit Dust----> 200G a piece
Lesser Mysterious Essence ----> 1000G A piece Lesser = 5x Dust
Greater Mysterious Essence ----> 2000G A piece. Greater = x2 Lesser.
Small Ethereal Shard ---> 1500G A piece.
Ethereal Shard ----> 3000G a piece. Ethereal Shard = x2 Small.
Sha crystal ----> 6000G a piece. rarely available the first day.

First Aid

Need Approximate Of 100 Windwool Cloth, which will be priced at 150G A piece.


Coming soon........LOL.
What the !@#$? How much gold do you have?
8509g atm. ._.
Scratch that, doing it in other realm.

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