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The Hammerfist Clan is a level 25 mature, casual, multigame community that has decided to start a branch within WoW. HFC was founded in 2001 and currently supports six MMO's. We have over one thousand members and many of them are very active within our community/forums. Our guild website is second to none and we also have a mumble server so we can chat while gaming.

We're an adult guild looking for mature members age 18 or older. We're a social/casual guild passionate about our gaming. How you choose to spend your gaming time is up to you. Dictating how and when you need to play is not our style, we understand part-time gamers with full-time lives. It's our goal to provide a friendly, stress free environment in which to enjoy the game. If you are looking to join us something you should keep in mind is that we value friendship over loot and hoarding. Guilds can be an excellent place to meet new friends and share good times and experiences that keep with you for years. Squabbling over loot has no place here. Providing a decent environment, void of riff-raff and distractions is an A-1 priority in any MMO we play. Leaving the drama behind and entering a world of fantasy and fun is what it's all about. We are just starting our WoW branch so there are not many people in the guild yet but it's sure to become as crowded as our other branches within no time. Once we have enough people who are interested in raiding we can do that but it will never be required and raiders will never be valued any more than any other member.

If you have more questions about our guild you can probably find an answer to them on our website. When I was guild shopping while playing LotRO the thread that pulled me in was:
How the Hammerfist Gaming Community came to be.

Another important post is our code of conduct which can be found at the following link:

Please take the time to read the code of conduct before you submit an application to make sure you understand what we expect from you and so you don't waste your time or our time. If your not going to fit in the community it's a waste of time to go through the application process.

If you are interested in joining please visit our website and create an account then go to the following link:

I have been in many guilds while playing WoW but none compare to the atmosphere and community that can be found at HFC. I hope to see your application soon. Have a great day.
We have picked up some people but are still recruiting.
Hey, sounds pretty cool. What are you guys raiding these days? Wednesday's I'm free and your raid times fit my schedule. I'm a holy priest main spec and shadow off spec. I would be willing to come and have some fun with you guys on Wednesday if I'm not already running that same raid with my guild later in the week.

I'm not looking to switch guilds, I'm the GM in my guild and am quite happy with what I have and the people which have joined over time.

When reading your post, I'm reminded of different gaming communities I've been a part of for a long time. Everything from the old DikuMUD's from the text days of gaming to Lords of Legends to WoW and everything in between. I've always supported friendship within these communities and have felt for a long time that that is where the true fun, camaraderie and enjoyment of the game comes from. Loot is only as good as the electricity flow is to the server flipping the bits to keep it active ;)

Anyway, your post seemed sincere and I am just offering up some help and perhaps making an opportunity to make a new friend or two.

Happy Hunting!
We are still recruiting and getting ready for the expansion. We PvP, raid and do other activities. Our focus is more on being a great community rather than trying to be the top guild on the server or trying to make others feel like they are inferior. Come and be a part of something special.

How does one enjoy a great growing community when the hand is extended and said hand is overlooked and ignored?


Something to think about no?
I'm not trying to overlook you but you did mention that you are the gm of a guild and you are not looking to join us. I'm sure your a great person and I would enjoy running instances/raids with you but I'm currently devoting all my free time to building and maintaining our guild. I'll shoot you an in game mail and maybe we can do a raid or pvp with both our guilds.

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