So damn sick of this lion.

See, I really love lions. They're my favorite animal, and when I noticed someone with a Sambas pet, that inspired me to make a Hunter and level him. This toon is about a month old, and it was me rushing him to 85 top speed to capture Sambas. You'll notice in my stable are all the lion skins except his.

When the magic moment came that I hit 85 I started my circuit around Twilight Highlands. I'd installed NPC Scan purely to capture that lion. A few hours in I finally gave up. The next day saw all the time I'd allotted to WoW wasted too. Over the weekend I decided to buckle down. Everyone says six hour spawn timer, so I windowed WoW, opened Netflix and sat there flying his spawn circuit for seven and a half hours. Not a single ding.

By this time I can't take the farming any more. I decide to do some BGs while I wait. Fly the circuit, do a BG. Fly the circuit, do a BG.

You'll notice I'm juuuuust about in full Ruthless with some Cataclysmic gear mixed in from this time waster. But still, nothing.

My wife suggested "Why not check right after a server reset?" It was genius. I had her log in her Horde toon, I logged Leongaard in and we both /who'd Twilight Highlands. It was empty. I raced across the country while she did the same, checking every single spawn point.

NPC scan never went off. It's NEVER gone off. Just to be safe I've left Track Beasts up and checked every red dot since hitting 85.

I'm at my wit's end with this damn lion.
Are you clearing your Creature Cache every time before you go to Twilight Highlands? If a another Hunter is near you and has the pet, regardless of where you are in the world, the game and addon will cache it as if you've already seen Samba and therefore won't set off your NPC Scan when you're in Twilight Highlands.
Yes. Yes I am.
It took me two weeks to get him. I thought I read somewhere that NPC Tracker does not pick him up for some reason and it did not go off when I finally saw him. I just picked a spawn point (the area to the northeast) and visually checked every chance I could get. Good Luck!
Try picking up lw and run around the north eastern plateau of the Twilight Highlands which is south east of Kirthaven. Start farming mobs. It takes a while but ive seen him two or three times there. Sambas is stealthed often times so I believe so your tracking wont help u most the time. Furthermore, Twilight Highlands is still a spot people tend to go to this late ingame so its very likely that somebody is getting off killing him and the other rare that spawns up there.

Ive never used npc scan. All the rares ive got ive found except for one which a guildy got for me and as i said above, their are allot of peeps who are obsessed with killing them, the best time to search for rares are during TB and the wee hours of morning. Ive givin Sambas to two hunters before I tamed him myself. I only tame pets for their purpose not their skins, the only reason I got 3 spirit beasts is because of the glitch that allows us huntards to pull off a pet special every time we dismiss/summon a new one.
To each his own, but I personally would not recommend camping him hardcore, spending hours at a time flying around Twilight Highlands.

I simply checked his spawn points every few hours casually. I think I got him on my second day of doing this. Lucky, to be sure, but I also didn't pull my hair out waiting for him to spawn.

I've tamed many of the Cataclysm rare pets (Sambas, the spirit wolf in TH, all of the Molten Front ones and Ban'Thalos, I think) and I didn't hardcore camp a single one. I just checked in on their spawn points occasionally. This made it much more fun to me, as well as a lot less stressful.
It took me almost 8 months to get Skarr. Welcome to the brotherhood of suffering. XD

EDIT: I suggest you log out near where he spawns, and then log in when you wake up each morning and give a quick spin. I get most of my rares doing just that. Play an alt and save your sanity.
My advice would be to check in the early morning, if your server isn't as high pop. The three times I have found Sambas we're all around 5-6am server time, and I would just hop on and check before work. You may have better luck checking off-peak since he is still a prized hunter spawn.
Just the 5am desperation of being exhausted and having waited for the server reset. Back to the grind for me. D:
I just got Sambas yesterday and a guildy got it right after me. According to the guildy is was around 1:30am. I got mines around 7 going on 8. So sambas spawned approx 6 hrs or higher.
I find most rare spawns in the early hours of the morning. Maybe becuase it's not a busy time, but I have found so many at server times between 1:00am and 3:00am.

What I do, if I am looking fror a rare spawn, is wait till the early hours, then fly around to several spawn locations. You will be suprised at how many you actually find during that time.

Oh, and you probably don't want to hear this, but a guildy was farming in Twighlight, and he's like, oh, theres a cool looking lion here. So I"m like - don't touch him or aggro him - please!!! So I flew to TH and picked up Sambas without even looking for him. Sorry, had to say it!
I was lucky. I was on a toon farming herbs and saw him. Logged on my hunter and got him.
my good luck charm found him for me many months ago. Haven't seen him since
I found him so many times I lost count. I'm a collector of pets and have all rares minus 3 of them. Samabas is my personal fav because I love lions and love his model. I wish you the best of luck! He will be worth it!
Hardcore camping.. Ah..the good ole days camping Loque during Wraith... months I spent circling the basin...months I lost my sanity.. Logged out one day at the gorilla spawn next to the river..and hopped on my DK since my guild needed a tank for Naxx...releized my DK needed a gem, so switched back..and Loque was sitting right in front of me. Needless to say, I yelled on vent, and they thought it was hilarious...

After that, I vowed never to hardcore camp again.

As for Sambas, I've seen him a few times just casually doing a few circles in the Highlands every hour or so. Same for Karoma. If they werent up, I went back to town to read trade, or ran a dungeon or played an alt.

I'd recommend the same for you, dont stress out getting it. Sambas is a lovely model, but wheres the fun if your stressing yourself out over pixels? Check every hour or so, if hes not up, do something else. You'll get him eventually.

Hope you get 'em soon.

And sorry..I started rambling.
Just checking in to see if OP has found Sambas yet.
Two weeks later, no. No I haven't.

I've made a small fortune on Elementium and Savage Leathers though.
when your server comes on today after the reset, log on. He will be up today when servers go live again. It just takes time.

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