[H] <Clean Kill> 8/8H DS10 recruiting 4MoP

Our main raid is recruiting a Shadow Priest/Heals, Hunter, Boomkin and for our weekly 8/8H DS clear on Tuesdays @8p-11p server time.
When Mop comes out, be able to raid all three days, Tues, Wed, Thur @8p-11p server time.

Must be able to show up every week.
This spot will be a solid, longstanding raiding spot. In a raid group with people who have been raiding since vanilla.
We need a mature person who can be reactive and who knows their class beyond any doubt, someone who is dedicated to raiding and to the 9 people who are depending on them. We are aiming at a 11-12 person raid force so we are never a raiding night short, if things come up. Everyone will sit at some point, depending on raid comp etc. We are fair and make sure everyone gets good play time, no matter what.

We are an established, progression/laid back, adult guild. We take our raid seriously, but we can have fun also.

Applicants must be geared, gemmed and enchanted properly and have the current content cleared before applying.

Good luck!

Apply at ck.guildlaunch.com and/or http://www.wowprogress.com.
You can direct any questions in game to Femmbot, Toxikshock, Decapitation, Antirabid or Direhoof.
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My Experience:
8/8HM Dragonsoul (5/8 HM PRE-NERF)
7/7 Heroic Firelands (on DK, 6/7HM on war, both toon's have GOTFR)

My Toons:
403 IL arms warrior 8/8HM - Rágnarok
404 IL unholy Dk 7/8 hm - Morgoth

Both toon's are back on Mal ' Ganis
I also pvp as well and have full cata set on my dk
I'm a strong laid back player looking for 10 or 25man progression raiding. I'd like a guild with 8/8 heroic nothing less and with a strong intention of good progression come Mist. My offspec is Blood/frost for pve and unholy for pvp

My real id is david_walters1987@live.com feel free to contact me.
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