★ [H] vs The Universe 9/16H 10M ★

vs The Universe is an Horde semi-hardcore raiding guild that was first established on Stormreaver(US) on 10-21-2010. We raid only 12 hours a week (3 days a week) but within those 12 hours we strive to get as much progression as possible to compete with top ranking guilds on Stormreaver.

Guild Website

WoW Progress

Raid Times
Tuesday: 8:00PM-12:00AM (CST)
Wednesday: 8:00PM-12:00AM (CST)
Sunday: 8:00PM-12:00AM (CST)

What vs The Universe will provide you with:
We will supply each raid with feasts, cauldrons, and potions. You will also be given free guild repairs after your trial period. We also will provide a welcoming and friendly raid enviroment.

What vs The Universe expects of you:
We are looking for well skilled/geared players with a passion to progress yet still want to have fun playing the game as we are not a hardcore guild. Do not let that discourage you from joining vs The Universe as we still expect 100% focus while raiding and to give it your all. We also expect you to know all current content and your class and skilled in each of your specs that you are geared for. You must also have Mumble and a working mic.

vs The Universe is currently recruiting:
Group One (6/6H 3/6H 4/4):
  • Druid: Balance | Feral (High)
  • Mage: Arcane | Fire (High)
  • **We are also taking applications to any other exceptional players at this time even if not listed above!**

    Loot System
    vs The Universe uses a loot council system where we will decide among the officers on who will be given the loot. We do not just base our decisions solely off of one of the above; seniority, need of gear, being absent or late to a raid, being a big help with progression. We will use all of these reasons in our decision to chose who deserves the gear.

    Apply here.


    Is bodegas still in there?
    08/08/2012 05:32 PMPosted by Twobutton
    Is bodegas still in there?

    Sure is
    ∆ vstheuniverse.enjin.com/recruitment ∆
    08/16/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Choop
    Le bump for dat snackpack you gave me
    08/27/2012 01:14 AMPosted by Ashyarrows
    Le bump for dat snackpack you gave me

    Only for chu ashy!
    i gkicked bodegas
    Sunday Funday
    08/16/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Choop
    ★ vstheuniverse.enjin.com/recruitment ★
    Who wants a snackpack?
    im gonna make a toon named cupcakes and ask who wants a cupcake. ill be sure to fit in then

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