(A)1750+ exp Lock lf 3s team to push higher

Earthen Ring
I know a 2100+ exp Hpally. We would need an SPriest, Fire Mage, or Boomkin to make that work. Willing to join a team that already exists though. I'm full cata and have cunning (lfr). Respond here or in game if you're interested.

Also, looking for a serious pvp guild. I know there aren't many.
If only you were horde, lol ;] Ive got a fire mage thats damn geared.
He was horde.

Spot is NOT filled atm but I'm still happy with my current guild. It's not pvp oriented, but we went 6/8H in DS and its hard to find a guild that does both lol.

Sorry Abandoned, I'm sure I would have liked playing with you =)

So Still Looking For A Viable 3s Team!!!
People do arena on ER?
People with irl friends who play on ER do =(

Bump...there has to be someone on this server who needs a geared/decently exp lock on their 3s team...
Only the cool kids do arena.

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