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Post with pressing recruitment needs found here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6080900805?page=12#228
We can be found at: http://www.servitors.org

To Those Who Seek:

Seek no further, for we are those who would carry the banner of the Lion of Azeroth forth into war. In this order the fighting spirit of Anduin Lothar lives on, in a time when once again we contend with ancient evils, ravenous hordes and a populace under siege. In Lothar's name, we rank the safety of our world above that of our own; we seek to serve according to the example he set for us and for all of Azeroth.

Strength, Courage, Compassion: these are the values we uphold. We are swordbrethren. We are Alliance steel. We are those who fight. We are one, forged from many.

We are the Servitors of Lothar.

Not all are worthy. But if you have the courage of your convictions, if you will stand and fight alongside, then seek no further. We will be your swordbrethren as well. Join us.

Philomene Asteris
Lady Marshal, Servitors of Lothar

First and Foremost: What Heavy RP Means To Us

The terms light-, medium-, and heavy-RP have been used to describe RP guilds for years. The meaning of these terms varies from person to person and group to group, but here is what we mean when we say we are a Heavy-RP guild:

    - Our focus is on roleplaying. An implied obligation exists to get involved with other members. Some RP guilds are mostly an OOC channel where roleplayers can coordinate if they so choose. That's not us. There are no OOC ranks in this guild.

    - We are committed to storyline-driven RP, up to and including storylines played out over the course of months. We have some episodic stuff, but we expect followthrough on anything that makes waves. This does not mean that all of our interactions are scripted; every large-scale storyline is to remain flexible enough in the details that other members can find angles and generate additional hooks in order to give depth and color to the main arc (or even start their own side-plot). This requires good communications skills and organization, two things we have in spades.

    - Our advancement comes through mostly IC means. Being the nicest and most reliable player in the world will not suffice (though it is highly appreciated!) if the character does not demonstrate competence.

    - We are detail-oriented and adhere to a more conservative take on lore. We have some unusual stuff (things that fall in the gray areas) but anyone who wants to do it has to really do their homework. We expect members to take a genuine interest in learning about the lore and utilizing that knowledge to create quality, believable characters that fit readily within World of Warcraft.

    - Our IC experience is not humorous by default. When it comes down to it our characters are soldiers. They can cut loose with the best of them, they can be ridiculous, but many of our IC interactions do take place in a professional environment.
About the Servitors (IC)

How do I join? Prospective members must submit an IC letter of intent along with an application. This is used to ensure the member has some backstory and for justification of in-game contact. Acceptance for a 30-day trial comes at the end of an interview.

Why do you require an online application?
Our forums are a very active place. Most members check in daily, and many choose to keep a journal or post prose (not required). Advancement quests and event information are disseminated through our forums.

Why do you have a trial?
Because the Servitors of Lothar are not for everyone. We are a heavy RP guild and take great pains to ensure that we give everyone we take on an exceptional guild experience. We want every member to feel a part of something when they log on.

How can I meet folks?
Two of the easiest ways to meet us IC are to show up at the Hummingbird Coffee Social (alt project - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4216984805 ) or to visit the order's base of operations in Aerie Peak. As the Servitors do not own this land and merely share space with the Wildhammers, the keep is open to the public.

How are you structured? The Servitors are composed of two divisions: The Guard and the Academe. Each division is run by its respective Advisor. Not only does this provide members with a go-to officer but it encourages RP, which is really the driving force.

How do I advance? Members seeking advancement should complete objectives on their task list (see Handbook). Objectives are tailored to the character and could involve crafting, hosting a sortie (IC dungeon crawl) or other event. Frequently members are tasked to help someone else. The onus is on the member looking to advance because this keeps control of the pace of character development firmly in the hands of the player.

Do you only accept characters of good/neutral alignment? Absolutely not; if everyone was the same it'd be boring. Our less-than-pleasant characters still work for the aims of the order. If they heavily compromise this and cannot work within the guidelines they get the boot. Some characters generate conflict; this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it leads to development. We don't believe in RPing just the 'good things' in a char's life.

Why are you strict about lore? We have no problem with those who wish to RP as dragons, demons, or vampires, but they won't be doing it in our tabard. Whenever a character diverges from lore it automatically makes it more difficult for other characters to intersect IC. We try to prevent those barriers from occurring because they don't foster easy-access RP. To put it simply: There's lore. We adhere. If you don't it's nothing personal.

About the Servitors (OOC)

How long have you been in existence? We were founded in July of 2009 and have been continuously active since that time. I am one of the founding members and have been in a leadership position since a year after the guild's inception.

Do you have OOC chat? We do! While /g is IC-only, we have a separate channel. A member is permitted access to this channel across all characters, guilded or not, so long as they have at least one SoL character.

What kind of RP do you do? Our activities range from things as simple as 'how was your day' and other small group RP to large-scale training missions and meetings. We have both official and unofficial activities going on daily; often finding RP is as simple as logging on and stating you are available. We also host larger gathers, sometimes coinciding with world events and open to the general public. It is worth noting, however, that this is a military-themed guild and we search for characters who would make sense in this milieu.

Why do you remove inactive members? We'd prefer not to artificially inflate our numbers. It seems less than honest, since one of the key things a prospective member wants is to know how many people would actually be logged in. Nobody wants to join a guild with 100 members in the Armory and find out only 10 are active players. To this end we remove all members who have not logged in for 15 days without notice.

How often do you raid?
We don't. If you are seeking a raiding guild that RPs, we're not your cup of tea. We'd rather be good at one thing instead of mediocre at many. This isn't to say we discourage raiding in any way; it just isn't our focus.

What's your stance on ERP?
None of our business, but if it happens in public channels you're gone. Public ERP is not classy.
((Excerpt-bump. Original found at: http://goo.gl/tggLQ ))

Arcaz. Philomene watched as the island hove into view, palm trees looming larger in her sight as the landing party drew near. I haven’t been here since Jored… The dark-haired woman shook her head. Not now, Menachild. Wool-gathering is unseemly.

Philomene enacted a levitation cantrip, stepped out of the launch and onto the surface of the water. One of the Sha’tar frowned as she air-walked to shore; the rest of her escort slogged gracelessly out of the shallows. The priestess smoothed her robes, peered at a gloved fingertip. Afterward she tilted her head to one side, looked up at the draenei flanking her. Lead on, her hands flickered. The guard nearest her seemed to get the gist. He walked, and she followed.

It was some minutes before she was led past a guardhouse and a crude barracks. The Sha’tari peacekeepers ushered her down a spiral staircase set into the earth; the priestess’s face went blank as she realized Rykkar was likely kept on one of the lower levels of the prison.

Another set of guards greeted her at the bottom of the stair. One of them pointed to a pool of water, addressed her in thickly-accented Common. “You are the one sent to take the prisoner’s statement?” Philomene nodded her response, held her breath. After an interminable pause the draenei nodded and checked her for weapons. “Can’t have you helping – or harming – that one.” She remained still, fought off an urge to fidget as gauntleted hands searched her. Satisfied, the peacekeeper stepped back, pointed again at the pool of water. “Down you go.”

The lowest level of the island prison stank. The hot breath of a demon, she thought. Something with teeth. Another guard stepped forward, checked her again, asked her questions. She held up her signet ring, submitted to more touching.

More thickly-accented Common. “One hour. End of the hall on the left. I’ll have one of the turnkeys bring a lantern.”

Philomene nodded once, moved toward the indicated cell. The token human guard grunted, barked. "Someone here for you, Ainua." She waited until he moved back from the cell’s door to approach. The priestess stepped close to the bars, rested a gloved hand on one of them.

Rykkar's eyes shone from the darker corner of the cell for a moment. He’s conscious, then. She peered into the gloom; the illumination from the lone lantern served only to cast additional shadows. As he stepped forward she noted he had obviously been wearing the same blood- and mud-caked garb since his arrest on Saturday morning. Philomene strove to keep her expression bland as he came closer to the light; a restraining garment covered him from neck to hips.

So much for sign, she thought. She eyed the sleeves of the jacket which bound his hands at the waist. Rykkar approached, beard unkempt, face haggard. He nodded at Philomene. She looked up at him, one hand flickering in the Servitors’ fingertalk. Red. Say something.

The response was low, his voice hoarse. "Hello, Shadow." Rykkar shifted his weight, his boots causing the water at the edge of the cell to slosh. Philomene's eyes fell on the restraining garment again. After a moment her hands flickered. They’ve let me in to take your statement. What did you do?

The rogue's eyes flicked out past Philomene to the guards. He muttered, “I don't... know.” The priestess moved full-on to the bars, her hands conveniently obscured by her body. Tell me anything you can about that night, Red. Rykkar let out a low, frustrated growl. "I don't remember."
Philomene leaned her head against the bars, hands flashing rapidly. Try. I can’t guarantee another visit.

“I went to Southshore, the inn... picked up my horse. Rode south.” He paused, thinking. “Was aiming for Ironforge if I recall. Wanted to take my time. Needed… needed to get things out of my head.” Philomene nodded, made a ‘go on’ sort of gesture. ”Yes... I deposited our earnings. Two thousand eighty five gold. Exactly.”

The priestess rested her cheek on the nearest bar as she listened. “I was going to get on the tram... didn't. Headed to Bruuk's for a drink.” He shook his head. “Must have had more than a drink... I don't remember using, Shadow. But I was stoned as all nether when I woke up. I don't remember hopping a portal...”

Were you holding, that night? Rykkar watched her gloved fingertips. His ear flicked once and he avoided looking the woman in the eye. “I'm an enchanter... I'm always holding.”

Philomene signed rapidly at him, hands now through the bars. And after Bruuk’s?

“I think... it's not all clear right now, Shadow. And when I was using... it wasn't unusual for me to wind up places like out there.”

Philomene's lip curled. She lifted a hand. Telredor? “Bird and I spent a lot of time... Nagrand and ya... it borders.” Rykkar leaned his own forehead against the bars tiredly. “It was raining, I wasn't all together...”

Well, get it together. I need something. Rykkar frowned at her gesturings. "I'm trying. Alright?" he hissed. “I was on a bench, in the common area of the town. I don't remember getting there.”

Philomene looked over her shoulder at one of the guards before turning her head back to Rykkar. She continued leaning against the bars; within a pocket sewn into the lining of her robes, a red light began to flash. So nothing between Ironforge and Telredor, then? No other details?

“I don’t know! What do you want me to say, Shadow? I didn't do it? I don't know if I didn't. I didn't have any reason to. I don't remember. But that doesn't mean !@#$ and we both know it.” The rogue grew silent for a moment in his frustration. “She was an overzealous, racist %^-*!. Maybe I ran into her? Maybe she pushed the wrong buttons. I don't know.”

Philomene sighed. One of her hands moved rapidly. I have to know what happened, Red. It looks bad. That earned the priestess another frown. "I can't give that to anyone. Even myself." Rykkar paused. "How is she?"

She’s a wreck. Tried to have wine for breakfast this morning. She’s got Davvi in hysterics. Advisor Declan shifted against the bars, triggering her GCD once again.

Rykkar 's ears wilted. He nodded once, not looking completely surprised. “Tell her... to get over it. Maybe I did it... maybe she'll have to stand on her own. She'll be useless to Davvi Doll and Estel if she can't @#$%ing keep it together.”

Philomene searched his face. The priestess’ hands flashed rapidly. Anything you want me to pass to them? “She tried to get Kyssy to contact... but I'd rather not talk to them right now. Not, like that...” The rogue grimaced. “Tell Dolittle... to stay strong. Bird needs her. And I have faith in her.” Rykkar fairly muttered the last part, not meeting Mena's eyes.

Philomene's face fell. I can’t do this, I can’t carry this burden, she thought. She swayed against the bars, nearly crumpled to the dank stones right then – it took her a minute to get herself together. She blinked a few times, rapidly, then lifted her hands again. She came to me… before all this, Red. She asked me to look in on you. I wasn’t quick enough about it, and I failed you. I’m sorry.

Rykkar took a deep breath. He frowned, brow knitting. “You didn't fail ^-*!. Don't even talk like that, Shadow. If I'm here... we both know it's likely my own damned fault. And if it's not, well, you'll be better suited finding out whose it is.”

Desperation seized Philomene at that moment. She surveyed Rykkar’s countenance as her fingers spelled her intentions. I could look right now. I could try to see, Red. The rogue just shook his head a bit. "Do you think it would work?"

Philomene’s lips curved in an odd, bitter little smile. Not as if I haven’t done it before. What do we have to lose? Rykkar’s response was succinct. He stepped ever-so-slightly to the side, bending. The priestess tugged off her gloves. She closed her eyes, willing Shadows forth. She reached through the bars for Rykkar, darkness boiling from her fingertips.
Large, gauntleted hands closed about her upper arms. The peacekeeper’s voice was a harsh staccato. "You're not killing off this prisoner, madam!" Two of the guards jerked her backwards abruptly.

!@#$! %^-*! Touching me! I need to look! Nether take you -- get off! Philomene stumbled, struggling wildly. Something swam behind her eyes. Her mouth began to form a Power Word as she kicked out, causing one of the guards’ hooves to scrabble on the wet stone.

Rykkar half-fell, half-lurched against the bars, snarling. "Hands off of her!"

The sound of his voice caught her. She bit back the Word. It burned in her throat to swallow it, but she did. She spit a curse and went limp in the arms of the Sha’tari peacekeepers. They wasted no time hauling her around the corner.

One of them, however, remained behind. He looked at Rykkar through the bars.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for IC conversation during our recruitment drive this afternoon!
Okay...just a friendly bump, because I have to say that I've seen a lot of your writing here, Philomene, and I am always impressed. Especially with the poetry, as that is one of my favorite things to dabble in, as well. That and I've seen a bit of role-play by you all. I just wish my characters were more outgoing! But...such is the jaded nature of their person.

In either case, y'all seem pretty awesome. <3 So here's a thumbs up from a casual lurker in your threads. :-)
A friendly bump for the Servitors.

*/tips hat to Mena*
Thank you for the kind words, Seede.

Also, <3 Kanas!
((Another excerpt-bump. Same storyline!))

The priestess took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. Game face, Menachild. One hand smoothed her hair whilst the other pushed open the heavy door.

Philomene stepped into the dimly-lit shop. She did not look around at the old tomes lining the walls, nor did she react to the smell of the aged vellums. She did not run her hands over the offerings of bric-a-brac and rune-encrusted trinkets. Nor did she greet the shopkeeper, who groaned as soon as he marked her presence in Bonegrip's Runes and Dooms.

While Advisor Declan inspected a gloved fingertip for signs of wear the one-eyed dwarf shooed off his assistant. He closed and locked the door, then stumped over to lean on the edge of the counter.

"Well, lass, what're ye wantin' fer this time? I ain' got a thin' y'aven' seen, an' I dun know ennathin' new aboot yer frien' Joseph."

Philomene turned in a swirling of skirts. She came to stand before the dwarf. She leaned forward, one hand plucking her magecrafted quill from her belt. Familiar with the routine, Gerrig turned his monocular squint on the countertop.

Information, of course, she scribbled. A man named Kurtis Mealymouth, procurer and general small fish.

The dwarf adjusted his eye-patch. "Where's yer tall frien'," he hedged. "Th' ninefingered one wi'th' knife?"

Philomene looked over her shoulder as if also questioning the absence of her customary companion. After a moment her head turned slowly, as if on a swivel, to regard Gerrig. He held up his hands.

"A'right, a'right, lass. No hagglin' ternight. But y'owe me a book fer this'un." He paused, adjusted his eyepatch again. "I know th'one. Ain' been seen in'ese parts since Friday 'afore last, odd since he dun leave Ironforge but rare."

The priestess' gaze remained fixed on the dwarf's face. The nib of the quill began to make a slow, steady tapping sound on the countertop. It echoed in counterpoint to the clock on the wall.

"Could be he was workin' fer a sneakthief what runs a wee gamblin' op'ration near Bruuk's, collectin' th'take from th' 'eadbreakers and gettin' it back safe ter his 'mployer."

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The dwarf, possibly remembering a similarly one-sided conversation, became a bit more forthright in a hurry. "A'right!" He lifted his hands again, patting the air. "Look 'ere, name's Fyrek. Hangs 'roun' Timberline Arms. 'S'all I know. See him if yer lookin' fer Mealymouth's boss... I'm right, ain' I? Yer goin' up th'food chain on this'un?"

Philomene stowed her quill. One of her hands snaked upward to adjust a truesilver hairpin. The woman pulled a small pouch from her belt and tossed it on the counter. She moved swiftly to the door, gloved fingertips working the lock and latch deftly, only to reveal a startled gnomish assistant with her ear pressed against the place where the door had been only moments ago.

The priestess brushed past the nosy gnome and continued down the steps. Within Bonegrip's Runes and Dooms the proprietor sagged against the register.


Not letting this drop to page two. That'd be unacceptable.

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Bumping for some awesome people!
I love the way that great story lines can naturally develop through RP. The Servitors have had several "faulty intelligence" incidents in the past few months--coincidence, or something more? Intelligence Officer Squink Shadowquill and Initiate Axasa are going to find out. The result will be IC dungeon crawls, lots of opportunities to involve new members, and sweet, creamy drama. I do love me some IC drama.

Servitors of Lothar: weeks of RP from a single conversation.
An they live!!

/hug SoL
*Squints eyes at Marques*

You look familiar... Do I know you from somewhere?
I'm going to go out on a limb here and be really honest. I wanna meet people who are playing engaging, well-developed chars I simply can't get enough of. Come to me, you lorenerds, you people who love a good IC back-and-forth. Visit us, you excellent OOC communicators and hammer-outers (totes a word now) of ideas. You players with attention to detail, you sorts who'll stick out the storyline so you can see realistically-paced development. I wanna find you, I wanna meet you, I wanna RP with you.
Not necessarily a bump, just a friendly recommendation to say these are some fine folk. The door is always open for them for Wilbyr.

*leaves a platter of cupcakes for the guild*
07/17/2012 05:49 PMPosted by Philomene
Come to me, you lorenerds, you people who love a good IC back-and-forth.

You called?

I'd love to interact, but unfortunately...your Alliance is trying to take Lordaeron from its rightful owners. Besides, that Light you're so fond of wielding-it hurtssssssss usssssssss.

Oh, and Blizzard hates cross-faction communication.
I'd like to welcome Nihmander aboard, and congratulate SoL on getting United Nations. Pets for all!

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