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Wyrmrest Accord
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You called?

I'd love to interact, but unfortunately...your Alliance is trying to take Lordaeron from its rightful owners. Besides, that Light you're so fond of wielding-it hurtssssssss usssssssss.

Oh, and Blizzard hates cross-faction communication.

That's okay, hon. I think your Gutterspeak sounds just TERRIBLE.
It is Forsaken now, silly priest.

And perhaps we could show you the difference, sometime? A batch of the right dosage plague can work wonders.
One day when real-life is not so crazy busy, gonna apply, hnghhh.

Friendly bump, at least! Such a nice looking guild.
One day when real-life is not so crazy busy, gonna apply, hnghhh.

You know, you don't have to apply to RP with us. We like RP. We really, really like it.
((Journal bump. Anyone mad enough to want to read them can find the beginning at http://www.tinyurl.com/MenaJournal but I warn you, there are HUNDREDS of entries.))

14 July - Continuation

"O Light, grant us strength, on the fronts and in the fields," he prayed. I listened to the sound of his voice and not that of the rushing river, loud and fast over the rocky crossing. "Together or alone," he said and I reached. "Over bloodied ground, under blackened skies; though we face great Darkness, we know no fear..." Into the river I went.

Memory is a river, and there in the center I faltered. Though the stones were anchored firmly in the riverbed, and though the water was not deep, I faltered. The chill of the water stole the sensation from my hands and the prayers from my mouth. I knelt, half-submerged in the flow, my chin just inches from the current; I swear I could hear every doubt I've ever thought, feel every blow I'd ever taken. (There are no words for certain things. That is why prayer is sometimes imperfect: it's made of words. Words are wind.) As the cold seeped into my limbs I came to understand there was nothing holding me there in the river save myself. My Guardian stood over me and I knew if I asked, he would pick me up. But that was not the time for it. I knew it and he knew it. I did not ask. I forced my hands to clear the surface of the water. I reached again.

I'd like to get into this once I get this character all sorted out.
Servitors of Lothar: We Pay You With Bacon and RP!
I can confirm the above post as true. However, mostly we pay you in RP. What do we pay you for? RP. It's not a perfect system, but it ensures that everyone is always paid in RP for RP. RP on top of RP. RP with friends, RP with fami- whoa... RP totally stopped sounding like a word.
07/17/2012 09:07 PMPosted by Philomene
One day when real-life is not so crazy busy, gonna apply, hnghhh.

You know, you don't have to apply to RP with us. We like RP. We really, really like it.

Going to try soon, for certain!
And thus begins the Gnomeregan Archival Project. Servitors of Lothar: Mind the GAP.
Just a friendly bump for an awesome guild.
Okay people, I need to see more of three things:

1. Gnomes*
2. Priests
3. Warlocks

If your character fit one of these criteria (bonus points for two) AND you're an active, engaging role player, send me a message. Be like, "Prikka, I am awesome. Arp me," and I'll be all, "Okay! Let us do this thing." It's that simple. Maybe it will lead to a guild app, maybe it won't. Not the point. The point is that you get free RP. Everyone wins.

*There is a thing I would like to see before I die. I want to see a line of gnomes stretching around Cathedral Square, woman-man-woman-man-woman-man. I want them them to, at exactly the same time, /dance. It would be beautiful. It has nothing to do with SoL, RP, or this thread. I just felt like sharing.
07/20/2012 10:57 PMPosted by Burke
Going to try soon, for certain!

Come visit me again soon. That was amazing RP. I had so much fun.

Shameless plug: You too, Accordians, can have much fun as well. Come. Meet us.
((IC stupidity bump, during which Hildan - a character known for liking things tidy - has for whatever reason decided to stir his breakfast into a single mass.))

Hildan wrinkles his nose and starts trying to sort egg from hashbrown again. Experiment FAILED.
Philomene silently offers to switch plates with Hildan, nudging hers toward him.
Hildan nudges his plate only partway. "Try first."
Philomene doesn't try. She just grabs the edge of Hildan's plate and starts sliding it toward herself.
Hildan tries tugging right back. "No! The texture is all weird."
Philomene regards Hildan levelly. "You expect food to taste nice. I regard it as a pleasant surprise."
Hildan declares with a fervor bordering on zeal, "I brought this monstrosity into this world and I shall see it purged from existence! Now give."
Philomene declares, equally fervently, that she shall eat no breakfast unless it has been assiduously mixed into a mess first. She then begins pulling the plate toward herself again.
Hildan immediately turns his attention to the other plate, mixing everything on it with a look of utter defiance.
Philomene sighs and settles in with whichever plate is closest at this point. "Really," she murmurs. "I would not have minded so much as you would have."
Hildan just tucks into one of two messplates, obstinate yet tidy.
Okay people, I need to see more of three things:

1. Night Elves*
2. Mages
3. Warlocks

Ladies and gentlemen, the Prikkalog.

July 23

It didn't take us long to figure out that one shouldn't snort lines of sweetened cocoa off a lovely lady's bum, but it probably took longer than it should have.
We are now a Lv 23 guild so hells yeah Bountiful Bags!

Wait, that works on fishing, right? Right?! *sulks in the lack of a gathering profession*
The Gnomeregan Archival Project is live, brought to you by Prikka and Oligodyne.


Are you:

  • A warrior or paladin?
  • Capable of standing up to tiny, terrifying women?
  • Looking for a healer to keep you on your feet, or a cold-blooded shadow to watch your back?
  • Interested in a long-term military career with great benefits and fantastic co-workers?

If you answered "By golly, yes!" to these questions, then the Servitors of Lothar may be the home you've been waiting for! We're searching for a no-nonsense heavy to keep our Academe-Advisor alive without incurring her murderous ire. If you'd like to be considered for a highly rewarding career as a Guardian, send a resume with experience and qualifications to:

Academe-Advisor Prikka Graymind
The Keep at Aerie Peak
Hinterlands, EK
c/o Servitors of Lothar

We also have entry-level positions open for priests, warlocks, mages, and I guess those other classes. Contact any officer to learn more. Servitors of Lothar: Tomorrow's Future... Today!

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